Holistic Health And Wellness

Holistic Health And Wellness

Sue Nyoni

Description: Weekly podcast that helps you explore everyday wellness services, new natural products and eye-opening documentaries. Brought to you by WellnessPossibilities.com

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Homeopaths Without Borders

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Episode 78 - Homeopaths Without Borders, an interview with Dr. Lauri Grossman, renowned homeopath, pioneer in integrative medicine and advisory board member to HWB. She joins us to discuss the humanitarian relief efforts and community education in Haiti, as part of Homeopaths Without Borders' work t...

Natural Health Seminar (Video) from 8-27-09

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Episode 53 - Natural Health Seminar from 8/27/09, featuring Dr. Lauri Grossman (DC, CCH, RSHom(NA)) on homeopathy and children's health issues (i.e. flu, fever) and Dr. Ann Coavlt (LAc) on Oriental Medicine and women's health issues. This video contains portions of the first Natural Health Seminar o...

AcuNosis: A New Approach to Healing

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Episode 45 - Acu-nosis, an interview with Evan Scwartz, LAc and Priscilla Keresey, CH about the new hybrid approach to healing that combines acupuncture and hypnosis.

www.Acu-Nosis.com - AcuNosis practice of Evan Schwartz, LAc and Priscilla Keresey, CH...

What is Holistic Podiatry?

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Episode 7 - What is Holistic Podiatry?, an interview with Dr. Sherri Greene about a holistic approach to podiatric medicine, healing and all natural pain relief.

Support for this episode comes from Topricin homeopathic pain relief cream. The last pain medicine you will ever need... And you can sleep...

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