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Above All, Respect


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Parenting Todays Teens With Mark Gregston

Mark Gregston

Longview, TX

Description: Parenting Todays Teens Radio - Help for parents of troubled teens

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Above All, Respect

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Are things getting’ a little tense in your home?  Are the kids throwing verbal barbs at each other?  Are they crossing the line… provoking each other and causing tempers to flare?

Well, most of the time the culprit is this:  disrespect.

Kids take advantage of parents… when they see moms and dads modeling disrespect towards each other.  Without respect for your partner, nothing in your system of discipline at home will work.  Respect between a husband and wife is the key to building a strong family… to teaching children value for themselves and others.  It’s at the heart of building a mature, responsible, likable adult.

Isn’t that what you want for your kids?

Model it.  Teach it.  Above all… respect each other.


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