Parenting Todays Teens With Mark Gregston

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Parenting Todays Teens With Mark Gregston

Mark Gregston

Longview, TX

Description: Parenting Todays Teens Radio - Help for parents of troubled teens

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Remember the days when you marked your kid’s height on the kitchen door-jam?  You had a dozen pencil- mark reminders of your child’s growth.  But how do you mark growth that’s on the inside?

If you have a teenager in your family, you’ve likely seen remarkable physical growth… sometimes surpassing your own height.  And now it’s time to move on and watch for growth in other areas.  It’s not so cut-and-dried now… but emotional growth can be very fulfilling.

Watch for your daughter’s desire to make her own choices.  Watch for your son’s courage to take risks.  Ask open- ended questions and listen for your child’s answer.

Look for clues that give you a glimpse into their growing heart and mind.  And just like those pencil marks …celebrate the growing independence in your kids!


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