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Get to Know Their Friends


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Parenting Todays Teens With Mark Gregston

Mark Gregston

Longview, TX

Description: Parenting Todays Teens Radio - Help for parents of troubled teens

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Get to Know Their Friends

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If you have a teen living under your roof, you know that friends can have a powerful influence on your teen’s behavior.

Do you know your son’s friends?  Do you know who your daughter is going to parties with?  I meet a lot of over- protective parents who are clueless about the crowd their child spends time with.

Take some time to ask your son about his friends.  Start a conversation with your daughter about her favorite activities.  Don’t be judgmental… just open the conversation, ask meaningful questions and wait for answers.

And if it’s possible, make your home the place where kids like to hang out!  Make your household the hub of activity.

Mom, Dad …there’s no better link to your child’s heart than through their friends!


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