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The Wrong Crowd


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Parenting Todays Teens With Mark Gregston

Mark Gregston

Longview, TX

Description: Parenting Todays Teens Radio - Help for parents of troubled teens

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The Wrong Crowd

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Are your teens hangin’ out with the wrong crowd?  Are the friends they’ve chosen making a rebel out of your otherwise angelic kids?

Well, if you could only put some distance between your child and the “slacker” kids at school… everything would be okay.  Right?  Um, not so fast.

Your child’s environment is rarely the culprit for bad behavior.  Most of the time your child has chosen to hang out with that crowd… just as much as they’ve chosen to hang out with him!

So… try to see below your child’s choice of friends?  Is he looking for acceptance?  Is she finding something in that group she can’t get at home?

Let the crowd your kid hangs with be the catalyst for the pursuit of knowing your child’s heart!



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