Parenting Todays Teens With Mark Gregston

Habit of Asking Questions


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Parenting Todays Teens With Mark Gregston

Mark Gregston

Longview, TX

Description: Parenting Todays Teens Radio - Help for parents of troubled teens

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Habit of Asking Questions

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How are you at asking questions?  Have you mastered the art of drawing someone out of his or her shell?

There’s a skill that every parent needs to learn.  It’s the simple art-form of asking questions.  Thoughtful questions have a remarkable way of getting teens to think outside the box.  They make a young person evaluate what’s really going on inside.  And… when asked a thoughtful question… a teen feels valued.

So… Mom and Dad… do you want to connect with your son or daughter today?  Are you ready to show that you value them?  Try asking a good question.  Not a yes or no question … but one that really makes them think.

Then …wait for the answer!  And listen.


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