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90 – Listener Q&A about drinking, vegetarian and soy, self-image, fasting


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Healthy Mind Fit Body

Kevin Koskella and Wes Bertrand | Fitness Healthy Mind Fit Body Nutrition Consultants

Description: How The Mind/Body Connection Can Help You Achieve Your Perfect Weight

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90 – Listener Q&A about drinking, vegetarian and soy, self-image, fasting

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(duration 26:55)In this show (sans Kev) I cover various questions from podcast listeners and our responses to them. Some take-aways: Drink water as your main libation; avoid overly sweet (carb-rich) drinks and minimize alcohol consumption; soy is not exactly a health food, in addition to not being Paleo; ovo-lacto-pesco vegetarianism is much better than just being a lousy hunter;) reduce your percentage of calories from carbs and increase your percentage from fat; developing a healthy self-image entails an inner process of self-acceptance, fostering a compassionate relationship with oneself; use nonviolent communication to understand and help yourself and others meet needs in life-enriching ways; intermittent fasting and especially caloric restriction have some health and longevity benefits.

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The various purported pros and cons of soy:

Nonviolent communication informs us of a clear and accurate way to express our needs, so that others hear us in a way that doesn’t entail misunderstanding and further frustration and conflict. In turn, individuals get connected to what’s most alive in them, in terms of their feelings and needs, and they are then in a realm that enables them to enrich their and others’ lives.

The useful nonviolent communication vocabulary:​Training/feelings-inventory​Training/needs-inventory

Highly recommended 3-hr workshop given by Marshall Rosenberg (split up in approx 10min segments):
The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1​watch?v=M-129JLTjkQ
The workshop in one segment:
FULL – Nonviolent Communication Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg (2000) (Multi Subtitles)​watch?v=UEqmZ2E1o64

How long can a person survive without food? by Alan D. Lieberson

Caloric Restriction and Longevity by Sharon Hirsch

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