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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 124 – Wishing and Hoping


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Description: Chris and Celeste guide you through the world of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 as they discuss news, tips, and the state of the community. Expect some news, some laughs, and you might even learn something.

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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 124 – Wishing and Hoping

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Celeste and Allona talk about Guild Halls, Guild Raids, and Guild Wars 2!

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What We Did This Week


  • So close to Mawdrey, just need the Captured Light (Quick shout out to GMs Ginger, Khal, and Shaolin Shadowboxing for looking in to my “missing” germinated foxfire cluster. In which I was an idiot and they were very kind to not actually point that out.)
  • Wuvwuved with Wardens of Destiny
  • Guild Missions with Maven
  • Bittermalted a bit, also helped Panther unlock some traits for one of his new Bittermalts … yes, ONE of his Bittermalts
  • I feel like I’m missing stuff! aaahhhhh … shows every two weeks is hard!


  • Kinda, sorta, working on mawdrey
  • working on getting my engi to 80. currently at 73, I had gained quite a few levels in EoTM on Friday subsequently I’ve seemed to bump into every rookie commander and HUGE zergs.
  • Did a keyfarm with my charr ranger, didn’t get crap from the chest but the levelling rewards are quite decent


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Report from Lion’s Arch


Guild Halls

  • summary of features proposed
    • Celeste’s Favorites:
      • 20 members means you get a ‘basic’ guild hall, I honestly think this is just fair
      • Guild halls are ‘Unstable Mist Fractals’ this is to justify there are millions of them without them being on the map
      • Guild Jobs: A board where members can go to, inside the guildhall, and accept jobs for rewards (imagine an individual bounty for merits)
      • Least favorite: Guild achievements to unlock trims for guild capes, Import GW1 guild cape with an NPC that allows us to customize it (NO CAPES!)
    • Allona’s Favourites:
      • Let every guild get a guild hall automatically, for free, when they hit 20 members
      • Visitor’s Area or Public Room of Guild Halls openly accessible to all players once built. Zone to recruit/show off.
      • Hall of Portraits: a gallery of portraits of the members
      • Least Favourite: remove fairly large swaths of underwater areas to accommodate Guild Hall placement in the game world ~A: I love underwater …
        • C: Just make it like SeaLab (2021)! Underwater (but not) guild halls!


Guild Raids CDI Incoming

  • It was also the topic of #QuestionSunday over on DragonSeason’s twitter
    • “guild only instance events you  buy with merits and drop cool deco for guild halls.”
    • “I don’t see raids being substantially different from existing fights.”
    • A: Honestly, I’m not overly excited about raids. I never got to the point of WoW in being able to play them. They always seemed to be the divider line between elite players and … non … elite players. Now, GW2 is a very different game, so I would figure they would work very hard to make sure community is maintained if raids get introduced. I suspect they would be something that I just wouldn’t get to play … at least not with my smaller guilds. Unless they work them like a regular dungeon that can work with 5+ players and then scale up as more people enter? I can see that working pretty well. Okay, I talked myself into being a little intrigued by this …
    • C: I have the feeling that even if these are added to the game in some form or fashion it will end up being a game mode, much like guild missions, that I’ll never be able to play. Therefore, I really don’t care.


Outfits vs. Armor Skins

  • A: I loved this post, and I am also in the pro-outfit camp. I haven’t quite bought them all like I promised I would, but I’m slowly getting there! I adore the winter-themed one. It makes me think of the Go Backs from ElfQuest, soooo… yeah… getting THAT one. I love new armour sets as well, but have a one-stop-shop themed look is pretty cool. And heading even more towards the GW1 style of outfits, ie: holiday and special sets … YAY!
  • C: I’m in the armor loving camp. I really don’t like that outfits are one way only, and can only be equipped in one solid set. I would like to see the new armor skins as well, as per That_Shaman’s comment, but I personally don’t see the allure to outfits. I’m a mix and match kinda gal.


New items in the Gem Store

  • Tireless Harvesting Minion (1000gems)
  • Tireless Logging Minion (1000gems)
    • A: Have you seen this? Have you? It’s freaking terrifying!
  • Glowing Green Mask (500gems)
    • A: I want to get this and the red glowing mask and alternate between them when I play with colour blind people and then get mad at them when they don’t notice.
      • C: You’re a terrible person.
  • Magic Carpet (250gems)
    • A: Did you see that it displays your guild emblem?! How cool is that!?
  • Last weeks news: Tempest Weapon skins from the Black Lion Weapons Specialist
    • A: No surprise, I love them … really eyeing the dagger.


Future Plans of ArenaNet

  • Outside of vague promises and hints, there isn’t much to go on. However take for instance this blatherskite about the New Player Experience that upset everyone so much. I’ll agree that some aspects of it are irritating, particularly skill unlocking, but I’ve actually found it to be much improved, more informative, with better rewards. But why devote so much effort to converting the NA/EU starter levels to match China if you’re not expecting a huge influx of new players? I think it’s a good indicator of direction.
      • A: Oooh! Extra points for using “blatherskite” ~adds to personal word roster~
      • C: I’d like to agree I’m just not sure. I think an actual expansion and not “expansion-like” is something that would draw people back in. It’s all in the word they use.
  • In the short term we do have a few things to look forward to aside from the Living World continuing and festivals. Just why is there an inordinate amount of code buried in the .dat file (found by That_Shaman) for a new tutorial zone?
      • C: I’m a firm believer, like Hunter is here, that this is for a PvP renovation of some kind
  • I’m not the optimistic fool type. Pleasantly awaiting things that will never come. They’ve got an enormous number of people working there, one of the few studios to release an MMO and not have layoffs following launch, and only a small team working on continuing updates while the rest do…. stuff.
      • C: Stuff being the keyword. What stuff?
  • With so little information, and Arenanet so unwilling to talk about what’s going on, I can draw only one conclusion. Expansion. I can’t guess at the content. Races, professions, new zones, new enemies, new rewards, and a ton of stuff designed to sap our wallet in the gem store, I’m sure all that is likely.
    • A: I am willing to get behind this conclusion … and not just because I am perpetually hopeful (even though that is also true).




Pinpointing the start of Halloween

  • A: I could have sworn there was going to be an official announcement this past Tuesday … WHY NO ANNOUNCEMENT!
  • C: I think it’s likely that the festivities will only be up for 2 weeks, Oct 21 for halloween. No announcement this week doesn’t bode well for it to be on the 14th, though they could throw us a curve ball and toss one out on Friday.


Allona’s tip of the week: My tip is for my fellow Mesmers, maybe more of a PSA. If you are working towards weapon mastery titles, be warned that kills committed by clones or phantasms created by weapon skills never count. Which means mesmers, in general, only have three skills out of five that can contribute towards weapon mastery for every weapon set (and, in fact, it is impossible to get kills with a focus — see also Warrior warhorn, but this isn’t about them). Other professions may have the occasional weapon skill that also does not help, but I don’t think to the same extent. And yeah, focus, man … my Mesmer uses it almost exclusively as an off-hand and my total kills after 2+ years is only 193, which is because of my necro and ele.


Celeste’s tip of the week:  I feel like an idiot but I just found out you can turn off the hat for outfits. You have to turn off headpieces in the equipment tab for it to work.

  • A: Ha! We even talked about it on the show a couple weeks ago!


Tales of Tyria


Captain Mazu is a bold Captain indeed

  • A: I love this bold poster-print styling. I would put this up in my gaming room!


More Asura artwork!

  • A: Gorgeous.


Pink Day in LA


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