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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 126 – Steve McBubbles


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Description: Chris and Celeste guide you through the world of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 as they discuss news, tips, and the state of the community. Expect some news, some laughs, and you might even learn something.

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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 126 – Steve McBubbles

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Celeste is back! She and Allona gush over the new trailer for Echoes of the Past, recent Points of Interest, and all the delicious lore bombs!

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What We Did This Week


  • Bittermalted quite a bit … so close to getting Baby Bittermalt to 80
  • Started the Blood and Madness story with Celeste and Saint from our guild
  • Got my monthly! I can even overachieve by doing a few more JPs
  • Guild Missions with Maven
  • Pretty sure we ran some fungeons … pretty sure … at least one
  • And yet MORE Mad King Labyrinth. My terrible luck with the wrappers went away and I got 7(!) out of 100ish ToT bags


  • 5th level 80: engineer via labyrinth
  • blood and madness meta
  • 101% magic find
    • sidenote: maklain’s magic door song is cute


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Report from Lion’s Arch


Points of Interest / No Return

  • What Scarlet Saw and the feedback that’s resulted from the lack of story playing out in-game is what’s caused Season 2 to be so very cinematic and a much more immersive experience for the players and the story
  • Anise and Canach in the garden
    • Asking about the age
      • Allona: Aaawwkward (and yet awesome). Even more awkward than ‘hero-tron’ …
  • The relationship and the way that Taimi has shaken up the interactions has changed the way we’re involved as players in game
    • There’s a lot of potential for some really interesting story as the dynamic works
  • Ceara to Scarlet transition via hologram was creepy/awesome
  • This is the first time we’ll be physically around when an Elder Dragon awakens
    • Every other instance had happened in between GW1 and GW2
    • 16:17: Colin “From a story perspective it’s nuts to think about… Eotn ended on- you got that moment of seeing the first dragon awakening, you see Primordus. We later get to experience the stories of what each of them awakening did. Zhaitan raised an entire continent and caused destruction all across the world. Kralkatorrik flew across and created The Brand and found and killed Glint. Jormag, you know, did massive destruction across the Northern Shiverpeaks, drove the Kodan from their home, killed the Norn and drove them South. The depths that each of these dragons and their awakening has changed the world of Tyria just phenomenally and most of that happened between the end of GW1 and the start of GW2. This is really our chance to be there on the front lines as a dragon awakens, the people of Tyria realize how big of a deal that is and they want to go in and stop it before it’s too late, before that catastrophic destruction happens. I think we’ve seen just the very beginnings of that, the tendrils reaching out in the world and the waypoints, that was kind of a first step into what Mordremoth might do and [it was] awesome that we were able to slow that down and slow the speed of his growth out into the world. It’s going to be really fun to explore that story as we go forward of what is it like as a dragon awakens, what does it mean for the world, can we get there and deal with him before his catastrophic– his nukes go off, so to speak, on the world” 17:44
    • Ogden’s benediction and the way that your character and heroes are involved is closer to the way we’re interacting with the player lore
  • A lot of lore threads from GW1 are being pulled forward and in to GW2 with the rest of the season. Colin specifically mentions the names of the campaigns (Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall) to drive this point home. “The remaining episodes of season 2 are some of the most interesting, lore wise, of anything we’ve ever done.”
  • Rubi specifically suggests talking to NPC throughout the episodes so far.
    • Allona: I know this is something I keep meaning to do! Gah, running out of time!
  • Bill Murphy’s question about Canach and if he is making a transition to being a “good” character
    • “Canach dances in gray areas… [as for southsun] he believed in his own mind that he was doing the right things and often times that means, to him, he is good.”
    • He will be back and his story will continue, gray area characters end up being the most versatile


Teaser trailer for Episode 5

  • Recap:
    • Bazaar and the ship going down
    • our heroes are present in Dry Top
    • the emergence of the vines and their interactions with the locals
    • Mordrem creatures appear
    • the minor villain is shown to be the saboteur but the not the mastermind of the airship’s destruction
    • our heroes confront the Master of Peace with his glowing backpiece/backpack/egg/orb
    • “Its influence is spreading”
      • tendrils start interacting/sapping magic from the waypoint system
      • the mordrem hone in on the leyline hub and the machine there
      • the vision that we see while in the device showing colored orbs and their place in the alchemy and the overwhelming influence of Mordremoth
    • “Leaders are being tested”
      • Rytlock drops into the Mists after Sohothin
      • the mini-dragon attacks The Pale Tree at the summit
    • “Secrets are being revealed”
      • The vision from the Pale Tree of a dragon descending in the pursuit of a golden/crystallized/orb/egg into a crystallized area and the vines encroaching into that territory
    • “A hero’s path is paved with points of no return”
      • The Pact’s flags and airships are all over this base that looks to be the Dry Top region
        • Allona: I love the Pact symbol!
      • New architectural ruins in the dry top region with modrem to fight
      • New modrem/monsters going deeper into the maguuma wastes (more airships too!)
    • “Season 2 returns and hurtles to an unforgettable end”
      • the road leading up the Priory’s base
      • A statue of a figure (most everyone agrees it’s abaddon) on the ceiling is what appears to be the eye of janthir
      • a further swing up to a view of the Priory’s ceiling with the orbs that we saw in the machine vision
      • Marjory and Ogden Stonehealer in a storehouse (presumably) under/in the Priory
      • Crystal archways that look EXACTLY like the aspect rooms for Glint’s lair and who is there: Marjory and Kasmeer
      • Marjory, Kasmeer, Ogden and a (presumed) Priory Charr are in the storehouse when a sand hourglass goes superdimensional splodey
    • “Echoes of the Past”
  • Imgur breakdown — I like this one from u/PalawaJoko best as it seems to pull in more points that can tie it together with GW1 lore. There’s a few more of them around though…
  • u/RandommUser points out that there are siege equipments being used in PvE. Definitely an arrow cart and potentially a burning oil drop above the “fort” area.


Gem store!

  • Haunted Gramophone – 600 gems – 10 spooooooky sounds (Evil Omens, Mad Science Experiments, Ghostly Haunts, Horrific Creatures, Grisly Scenes, Theremin Riffs, Pipe Organ, Waterphone, Psycho Strings, Haunted Choir)
  • Candy Corn Gobbler – 300 gems – Uses 3 candy corn and gives random buff for 15 minutes or a random transform, duplicate buffs stack


New Gem Exchange UI incoming

  • The new Gem exchange UI with custom option for gem and gold exchange will hopefully be added In the next few days before Nov 4.

“I saw the test of the new interface today and it looks solid to me. (I also happen to think it’s very attractive, but maybe that’s just me. )

The interface and Custom option move into testing now, and the text is already headed to Localization.

The dev team is keenly aware that there are Halloween items available only during a specific period (through November 4) and therefore they intend to do their darnedest to offer the new options in the next few days but certainly in advance of November 4th if humanly possible. (I have confidence this will happen.)

– Gaily Gray”




Speculation time with Malyck

  • u/Paelmoon rightly wonders what happened to Malyck, the Sylvari that came from a different tree, after his part in the personal storyline
  • Basically Malyck wandered off into the Maguuma Wastes to try to find his tree/origin/podmates, which is basically where we’re going.
    • C: Do I think that’s what we’re focusing on next, the other trees? No. We’re going full dragon and there’s not a lot of room for deviation to dig into the origin of species. Rather we’ll just be running with scissors straight at Mordremoth’s teeth.
  • The comments are what really jazz up this piece:
    • The 6 gods are in a band called The 6’ (degree) and their next tour location is really deep. It turns into a lovely Cantha Confirmed reference and it makes me giggle. A lot.
    • Allona: Yup! That was pretty funny.


Allona’s tip of the week: This tip comes from listener, Thunder Ckat, who chatted with me in-game! If you double-click a Way Point you can avoid the confirmation step. I like tips that reduce the amount of mouse clicks I have to make!

Celeste’s tip of the week: play the game?


Tales of Tyria


Chris Cleary laying the smackdown once more

  • C: I love these things when people point them out. Nice catch u/silvermember!
  • Allona: Dear Chris, I love you. Keep it up. Heart, Allona


Go4GuildWars2 Weekly PvP Cups

  • chances to win real live cash monies for playing PvP from your house


Steve The (underwater) Dragon

  • Allona: I love Steve! It totally reminds me of this:


The Most Interesting Dragon In The World

  • Tequila, Taco, Teco, Taco the Sauceless, Teakettle, Tequito the bunless, Tequila Sunrise…
  • Allona: Not gonna lie. I evil cackled/snort laughed. (Cal thought it would be an actual taco with sunless wings … which would also be hilarious)


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