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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 123 – The Sh0rt Sh0w


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Description: Chris and Celeste guide you through the world of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 as they discuss news, tips, and the state of the community. Expect some news, some laughs, and you might even learn something.

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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 123 – The Sh0rt Sh0w

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Celeste and Allona scour the internet for GW2 stuff to talk about! Scour! Until their fingers and eyes bled!

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What We Did This Week


  • Got the Mysterious Vine completed and now on to Mawdrey … hopefully will have that done this week! Need better foxfire luck though!
  • Wuvwuv’ed … I was terrible and died a lot, but it was a bunch of fun.
  • Fungeoned a few times … including last night … in the middle of the night. It was random and I am paying for it today
  • Related to Fungeons: Got enough Seals of Beetletun for a Gift of the Nobleman … one tiny step closer to The Minstrel …
  • Bought the eyepatch and pirate outfit when they were on sale. Was super tempted by the home portal stone, but missed it.
  • Bought BL Keys. Got crap. Was irritated. Which made me realize that, if I spent the time and keyfarmed and got crap, I was “Oh well.” but buying them with my real-world-i-could-buy-groceries money it REALLY upsets me when I get poo. My own fault for buying them in the first place, I know…


  • Personal Story marathon
    • from ch 3 – 6 on my Guardian
    • finished up ch 7 & 8 for my ele, just need to kill Chaitan
  • World Boss train for last week’s stream
  • Worked on collections: spoons, jars, krait and grawl ( is a great primer)
  • Finally finished shiverpeak explorer, I’ve been at 173/175 for at LEAST 6 months so it’s great to see that off my “almost done” list
  • eotm – 12 ranks in wvw, and from 69-78.5 in levels for my guard (it’s taking a lot of restraint to not login while we’re recording… )


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Report from Lion’s Arch


Fall Tournament 2014 Week 1 Standings Infographics by werdernator

  • A: These are so cool. The stat breakdowns are interesting and actually helped me understand wuvwuv a bit more.


Gaile Gray! Gaile Gray! Gaile Gray! Queen o’ the forums!

  • If you played has moved from customer support to the community team.
    Community interactions were a large part of Gray’s role when the original Guild Wars launched, and long-time fans in the thread are happy to see her making the move. If you had a sudden sweep of nostalgia, you’re not alone.

A bit more info on Gaile:

  • Gaile served as the Community Relations Manager for Guild Wars through the majority of the game’s active development.
  • On April 7, 2008, she transitioned to a Support Liaison role covering both games.
    • A: I want a welcome-back frog mini!
  • On September 22, 2014, she moved back to the community team in the newly-created role of Forum Communications Team Lead.


One week free trial!

  • The free trial begins at 12 a.m. PDT September 25, 2014 and ends at 11:59 p.m. PDT October 1, 2014. (it’s already live)
  • A bunch of changes to how free trials are handled (Gaile Gray)

    • As you may have noticed on our website, we are heading into another free trial period. In the past, you may have spotted a few problems related to free trials. For instance, gold seller spam was pretty noticeable. For this trial period, we have introduced a few restrictions that should address some of the concerns we’ve noted in the past. Here’s a list:
    • Trial Accounts can send mail only to a player who has added the trial account holder to their friend list
    • Trial Accounts can send whispers only to a player who has added the trial account holder to their friend list
    • Trial Accounts cannot use map chat
  • Here are some other details about trial accounts, so that if your friends join us – and we hope they will! – they have an understanding of how trial accounts work:
    • Those playing on a trial account cannot sell items the Trading Post
    • Trial Accounts will be limited to 2 character slots
    • Trial Accounts will not have access to the Gem Store
    • Trial accounts will not have access to the Currency Exchange
    • Trial accounts will have access to Edge of the Mists but will not have access to World-versus-World
  • Also, FYI: there will be no guild restrictions in place, so your friend playing on a free trial account is welcome to join your guild and will be able to chat and play with you and your guild members.


Gem Store and more

  • Fused molten sickle – 1,000 gems
  • Fused molten logging axe – 1,000 gems
    • A: This is the only way I will have anything ‘fused’! The weapon skins are too rich for my blood. Also, I need these for my Ranger, who has been 80 for a while now and still has to buy tools like a chump!
  • Taimi’s Dye Kit – 125/1, 500/5, 2,500/25
    • A: I am such a rube. I bought one … got a stupid common dye I already have. WHY DON’T I EVER LEARN!
  • The Chaos weapon skins go up in price as of Wednesday (today)




Pursuant to AaA being New Player Friendly we have another take on the NPE from Anatoli of the Flameseeker Chronicles

  • Prior to the feature pack changes, players either “got” GW2 leveling or they didn’t. If you didn’t, there was no way for the game to let you know what you might do differently to improve the experience. GW2′s “just explore wherever you want and the EXP will come rolling in” design works wonderfully if you happen to have picked the right direction to explore in and if you run across a ton of events along the way.
  • Although I prefer the new system overall, I think some of the specifics could use another pass. ArenaNet is looking into many of the most glaring complaints: Level-gated unlocks are reportedly supposed to be more forgiving for veteran players, and a few unspecified things were flagged improperly for our versions of the game.


Allona’s tip of the week: Revisit Story Dungeons! We decided to help out some guildies and ran CoF story mode. It doesn’t get you tokens, but it felt like there were more champs (and thus bags) and you still get Let’the big chests! My memory way be wrong, but there seemed to be more of those than in explorable paths as well. Coincidentally, CoF story happened to unlock a PvP title track, so cheevos … yay … keep that in mind as well if you’re deciding which story dungeon to run. It was nice to run a path that I haven’t run in over a year, almost felt like a brand new dungeon!


Celeste’s tip of the week: “My tip of the week : add a nickname to each friend you add, that helps your recall how you met them… So I changed “CeleOOKIE” to “CeleOOKIE GWReporter” Thanks to Jawa for the tip and no one can get mad at me for stealing it to make it my own because I was already doing that.
“do female gamers really get hit on in game by randoms on a regular basis? Are certain games worse than others? #askafemaleasura”

  • C: I actually have never been approached in GW2, I used to get whispers a lot in GW1 but I’ve seen it much worse in other games, one of the worst was actually the time I was playing in Rift. Though it may have been a result of my playing on an RP server.
  • A: I have blocked one person who was VERY ‘friendly’ and walked the ‘inappropriate line’ in GW2. Other than that I can’t recall another time where another player made the moves if they knew I was a woman in any game. And I’m not even sure the GW2 person knew I was a woman, so I’m not entirely sure it counts? I have had friends tell me of their experiences; and they have certainly been more frequent. I wonder if age plays a factor?


Tales of Tyria


Ride the Rainbow!

  • A: Jado Cast emailed this to us, and it is great!
  • (play this without sound to avoid copyright issues? Plus the song is irritating.)


The Claw is ready for his close-up!

  • A: That is pretty much the complete opposite of nabbing a vista during a sandstorm!


Ooh! Phlunt is in the crosshairs!

  • to become official and then petition to make the ball look like Phlunt. Story wise it could be a petty vengeance from Taimi where she creates golems/holograms that look like Phlunt for the game.
    • Scott McGough, Narrative Designer: This is a fun idea—I can’t promise it’ll be anything other than an idea, but if we ever were to go forward with it, I would push hard for it to be called “Punt Phlunt.”
      • C: Cute stuff


Need another legendary tracking tool? Sure you do!

  • A: Still majorly depressing …
  • C: According to this I’m 50% to Frenzy. I can deal with this! Drawback: you gotta use a FB acct for it to work


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If you’ve got a burning question for our Ask an Asura segment, please let us know!


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