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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 120 – Keep Calm and GW2 On


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Description: Chris and Celeste guide you through the world of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 as they discuss news, tips, and the state of the community. Expect some news, some laughs, and you might even learn something.

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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 120 – Keep Calm and GW2 On

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Celeste and Allona do not suffer from lack of anything to talk about this week! Lot’s of official September Patch news and … community … updates …

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What We Did This Week



  • WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not so Secret Diving Goggles! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Get that junk off my cheevo summary page! (Could not have done it without a team of mesmers and Hunter … mostly Hunter)
  • Let us never speak of those diving goggles again.
  • Made the ascended Wupwup torch last night. I lurves it. Allona is looking pretty amazing.
  • Did the temple run in Orr. It was a lot of fun actually, not to mention profitable.
  • Only one key farm this week, but I got a WHOLE TICKET!


  • Not So Secret diving goggles!
  • Other diving goggles!
  • finally did some story on my ele, getting up to killing chai-tan for the 2nd time, 8 more quests! (currently on A Grisly Shipment)


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Report from Lion’s Arch


POI – episode 5

  • Leif: Instanced content – storyboard, confer with writers, design the instance, implement, scripting it (triggering an event and when they are), and gameplay mechanics. Working with a set of tools that the other programmers have made for them proprietary. How long? All the days.
  • Peter: Chauncey von Snuffles III love child of Matt Laufer (sp?) and Peter, “the people’s hero” The whole conversation has not been revealed. Working title for the party: “Filthy, filthy, dirty ministers.” Wrote the head caterer.
  • To clarify the avatar is simply a representation of the big tree
  • Q: can you tell us if we’re going to be seeing the mursaat again (crystalline city in the vision)? peter: “we’re going to find out in the next episode some of what’s going on in that vision”
  • roleplay in the pale tree – speculation of events in real time in game in character
  • we will be seeing more of canach – canach & annise dialogue for the awesome/win
  • speculation:
    • how you dare think taimi of doing anything untoward!
    • taimi is Taz’s daughter, from the look on leif’s face i would say no.
      • A: Funny, I was thinking the opposite
    • phlunting booth – dunking booth
    • Pie vs cake,
      • Peter: Pie
      • Kate: Cake
      • Allona: Team Custard! (it can be in both pie AND cake and therefore wins)
  • seed of speculation
    • with all the world leaders aligned with mordy as the greatest threat, what is the plan to eliminate that threat? (CONFIRMATION: Mordy is an “it” i.e. without gender)
    • can the pale tree and her vision be trusted?
    • what brought trahearne back? Popular demand!
      • Peter: That’s why we’re bringing Scarlet back too! … I’m going to make them kiss! (31min~)
        • C: extra credit – I ship it.
  • Leif – composed the musical procession.
  • Rubi pelting them with stuff was hilarious
    • A: Also her off screen squeak laugh was adorbs.


Class Balancings

  • Elementalist
    • Cantrips – Glyph of Storms for Air & Fire FINALLY apply conditions
    • Fiery Great Sword and Tornado elites to be reworked
  • Engineers
    • revamping kits and gadgets for build diversity
  • Guardian
    • Making spirit weapons have more support utility
    • Reworking elites like the tome skills
  • Mesmer
    • improving multiple traits, utility skills, weapon skills, and illusions
    • improved upon the original implementation for some of the new grandmaster traits
    • altered the scepter a bit, pushing it more toward the condition role
    • awesome improvements to offensive mantras
    • rework of the Mimic skill, which will now copy all boons on your target to you
  • Necromancer
    • survivability through traits and utility skill changes
    • increase to the number (2) of targets for dagger auto-attack
    • improvements to axe animations
    • weapon skill updates
  • Ranger
    • Signet of the Beastmaster replaced with Predator’s Onslaught
    • Beastmastery traits no longer pet family specific
    • weapon skill updates for “functionality and responsiveness”
  • Thief
    • Grandmaster traits rework
    • increases to the number of targets your dagger auto-attack hits
    • ricochet trait gets a slight range increase for pistols
  • Warrior
    • Gaining, Using, and Losing adrenaline – you’ll now lose it if you miss with a burst ability, it will drain slowly if you exit combat
    • Greatsword adrenaline skill now cleaves


Traps & Tricks

  • Siege Golem Mastery Line
  • Siege Disabler Trick


Commander Tags

  • Commander tags will become account bound
  • all colors are accessible to every commander (it initially was behind a paywall for every color other than blue)
    • Big love to Tyler and Zach for making this change possible, the poster Mark Katzbach also kind of announces that the feature pack is coming out on September 9.
  • 300G flat price
  • Existing commanders will be grandfathered in
  • Thanks to


  • Here’s the original interview:
    • What’s said here is that there are no plans to integrate SAB into the LWS2 releases. It’s not currently being worked on either.
    • The problem that I think most fans had wasn’t really having to do with SAB at all, nearly all the questions were responded to with, “well we can’t say anything about that now” and I think that lack of information (/evasiveness) was what really pissed people off and sent them into a tizzy. If you had managed to be on the official forums or on reddit on the 18th you would have seen the absolute deluge of angry posts with regards to this particular article.
    • Our collective opinion is that WoodenPotatoes offers up a rational and well-spoken opinion of what was wrong with the responses

      • The first 30 seconds of the video are absolute gold and if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing… PLEASE at least watch that.
      • To paraphrase: this is actually great news because it means that the living world will not have filler episodes in order to introduce other content. The story is much more cohesive now.
        • This is also due to the knowledge that there is only ONE living world team for this season (forum post from Angel McCoy
    • There’s numerous opinions about this on the web, and if we could discuss them all we would. Hunter’s Insight has some well reasoned but still semi-mad responses.
      • In a somewhat related post: user: Bonefield gets it.
      • More good commentary from user: Lon-ami (


Ask An Asura


Hello fellow Tyrians

As a returning player I have enjoyed every podcast on your feed in the last couple weeks.  Your enthusiasm for the game is infectious and I appreciate every episode. (In fact I just bought a bunch of Gems!- do you hear me Arena-net? These ladies are good for your game. :) )

My question is – what would be the best resource for a returning player who may not be familiar with all of the changes?

I find myself still searching multiple sources since I’ve been gone for the last year.  (For instance – I just found out that luck is not a buff with a timer – I was saving them all in my bank – (I can be such a noob)

Thanks again for all of your efforts and I look forward to the next podcast


  • C: He honestly did such a great job there’s not much more that we can say on the subject. I’m looking forward to the one he does for the next feature pack!
  • A: Reddit has a link for returning players that might also be helpful, Also, my question for you is: what did you get with your gems!? :)
  • From hunter in the chat room: An ongoing list of changes!


Allona’s Tip of the week: If there are alternate versions of an ascended recipe (or any other recipe really) for armoursmith or leatherworker, avoid crafting on your tailor, as much as possible. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! The drop rate/ease of gathering for cloth is ludicrous compared to metal and leather (both of which use a lot of cloth in their recipes…) I may have ‘feelings’ about this…

  • C: I’m SUPER guilty of this. I use my little lv 24 Necro with 460 tailor for (almost) all my ascended recipes.

Celeste’s Tip of the week: I’m actually passing on creating my own tip this week and gathering one from Guild Wars 2 Trading Post ( they’ve got a great set of guidelines for figuring out what items are easy to buy and resell quickly as well as some of the arguments for and against several different types of items.


#HotButtonIssues ~C

  • Dibs @dibstaru could not give a sh**, frankly. Rather they spent time on something else. If I want to play 8-bit platform games there’s others.
  • Clayton E‏ @Kalabajooie I do miss it occasionally, though I don’t obsess like I’ve seen some do on Reddit and the forums. Be nice to spend these baubles


Tales of Tyria


More Dragon’s Reach

Additional reading recommendations for this week:


pink day in la heads-up!

Thanks to Jado Cast, who tipped us off that they’re looking to do some events on Blackgate for Pink Day in LA:

If you guys would be interested, please contact Trad Aphotic (tnkz.8596). He’s member of [Att]. He would be the one helping to organize events for this years Pink Day.

Spreading the message along,

Lythie [KnT]


Guild Wars 1, I mean, 2 Warrior ;)

  • (A: Unrelated but by the same user: – whoa)


Request for community events of the week/bi-week. Send us an email!

If you’ve got a burning question for our Ask an Asura segment, please let us know!


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