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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 132 – Notorious PIAG


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Description: Chris and Celeste guide you through the world of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 as they discuss news, tips, and the state of the community. Expect some news, some laughs, and you might even learn something.

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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 132 – Notorious PIAG

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Celeste and Allona are as surprised as most of the community at unexpected Wednesday news from ArenaNet! Allona breaks Celeste (and shames her nation apparently — thanks chatroom) by using regional phrases that no one else has ever heard before — even though there’s totally an Urban Dictionary entry for it!

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What We Did This Week



  • Started the Brewmaster and Fine Wining collections
  • Finished the new JP … with Hunter as a guide of course! I keep saying that this is less of a JP and more of a maze, which I am mentioning for those who are allergic to JPs. Give this one a try, particularly if you like problem solving.
  • Fungeons and Fractals on Saturday. There was yelling. Good times.
  • Ran the end of HotW Story mode with Panther from MoCK. Part pug group.
  • Got a few more of the golden badges. Up to 20 I think.
  • Did guild missions with TWiT this week. I like mixin’ it up! Alternatively, I’m a guild mission hussy!
  • Played through all of Echoes of the Past solo with my warrior. Just need the imbued firefly essence and a mordrem tendon to unlock the luminescent shoulders


  • Did some Thief PvP, three unranked matches :P Probably should’ve kept up with it b/c there were bonuses happening.
  • Resumed LS playthrough on my ele, went from Entanglement to The Dragon’s Reach Pt 2
    • I enjoyed that the progression was seamless, I didn’t have to go in and switch episodes it just kept pointing me towards the next part of the story. Running into the Iron Marches and trying to do the events there was painful but, like my experience fighting the first thrasher at salma, I think the problem was more due to the fact that my ele is TOTALLY support spec. If I’d been zerker I would’ve been totally fine with completing those events solo.
  • Made sure to log in on ben’s account to unlock seeds of truth (PSA!)


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Report from Lion’s Arch


Season 2 returns in 2015

  • January 13th
  • Wintersday hosted in Divinity’s Reach
  • Test ladder season in PvP
  • New monthly tournaments from a partnership with ESL
  • WvW Sneak Attack
    • Every player kill will grant your world a point
    • Earn extra point if you use a finisher and your world has bloodlust
    • Mist War Summons buff will give 15%WXP, +50% MF, and +15% XP from kills


Daily Revamped

    • New daily system coming with the Wintersday patch on December 16
    • Dailies broken into three categories: PvE, PvP, WvW
    • Rewards thematically tied to the daily you complete
    • Removed the points for each individual daily in lieu of an overarching meta that rewards a flat 10 APs


  • “Players will earn rewards other than achievement points if they complete additional achievements; you can do more achievements if you’re excited about the additional rewards, but you don’t have to feel pressured to do all of them every day to reach your achievement point max.”


    • December is the last for monthly APs. (aww man, I loved saying I got my monthly to awkward silence)
    • Monthly and daily AP caps are being merged
    • Laurels and mystic coins moving to (dun dun duuuuun) Log-In Rewards!
    • New system, essentially, rewards loyalty by giving rewards for every day you log in.
    • The reward track progresses when you log in so you won’t miss anything.


  • “One way to think of this is like a holiday calendar that gives you a new present from ArenaNet each day. There are 28 individual rewards on the track, each one building toward an epic chest containing a permanent 1% increase to account gold find and your choice of either ascended crafting materials, materials necessary for crafting your legendary weapon (including mystic clovers), an additional sum of laurels, or tomes of knowledge.”


  • User LeDuc725: “the daily log in bonus makes me think of the game as a Grandmother who is just happy to see you stopped by. She isn’t going to gripe about how long it has been since you last came over, and is going to give you snacks when you show up.”


Gem store things

  • Minis: Intimidate your foes with the Mini Sand Giant, give the adorable Mini Drooburt’s Ghost a squeeze, and impress all your friends with the Mini Pact Airship. Whichever mini you pick, you’ll be sure to turn heads
  • Finishers: Your favorite Wintersday finishers are back! Wintersday is all about giving, so give your fallen foes a present with the Permanent Gift Finisher. Do you want to summon a Permanent Snowman Finisher or behold the glorious Permanent Snow Globe Finisher? Preview them all in the wardrobe today!
  • Headgear: Keep warm with special Wintersday headgear-cover your ears with Wintersday Earmuffs (25)  or show off your spirit with the Festive Hat (125).


World Tournament Series Event

  • PAX East in Boston for a 50k prize
  • Qualifiers in January
    • C: I guess this means there won’t be a presence at PAX South at all. :(


Ask an Asura


Bigmikeyocho from the chat room has some great questions!

Hey chat…. I don’t play GW2 often, but I do have a max level character… what is a precursor? Been hearing that term a lot now, but see nothing about it in game.
And legendaries, I’m assuming are like… the best weapons?

Allona’s tip of the week: If you find yourself in a downed state, try to target the enemy with the lowest health to maximize the opportunity to rally. I’m usually too frantic to actually make this work for me, but you never know, try it out!

Celeste’s tip of the week: maybe you’ve got an over abundance of karma and want to fill in your wardrobe…


Tales of Tyria


Punny Puns from Loremaster Kaae

  • “What did the scout call out while defending a tower in the Silverwastes?
    “Keep it up! There’s Mor-ed’rem coming!”

  • “Why is Mordremoth so grumpy?
    Because he’s always drag’on himself out of bed in the morning.


Wintersday contest

  • GW2-themed window decoration!
    • A: I? I might actually do this … it looks like it would be fun and super cute!


GW2 is bovine excrement (NSFW titles)

  • A playlist sent to us from Jado by DeanyKong about professions :D
  • A: I loved the warrior one the best! Also, great use of music all around!


GW2 Ranger with their player created Daynight weapon set (by SkavenZverov)

Request for community events of the week/bi-week. Send us an email!

If you’ve got a burning question for our Ask an Asura segment, please let us know!


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What We Did This Week



Forgot to mention last week that I got my 12K achievement!

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