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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 103 – OMG. So much.


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Description: Chris and Celeste guide you through the world of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 as they discuss news, tips, and the state of the community. Expect some news, some laughs, and you might even learn something.

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Guild Wars Reporter Episode 103 – OMG. So much.

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Celeste and Allona go over all the notes for the April Feature Pack. All. Of. Them.

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What We Did This Week



  • Relaxing champ farming in Frostgorge
  • A few zone completions
  • Spent ALL THE MONIES! Extra bag, bank, and character slots; Krytan armour and Scarlet’s grasp and pauldrons; AND wait … maybe that was it … was that enough? I think it may have been enough. Don’t tell my husband.
  • Tried to make sure all my PvP ducks were in a row before the patch, and helped my husband figure out how to spend his glory (Monday night!) to fill out his PvP locker.
  • Spent an entire evening going through all my dudes and getting all my skins, dyes, outfits, tonics, and all that. Seriously, it took a few hours.


  • super material farms!
  • champ farm both frostgorge and queensdale
  • guardian in gendarran for hearts
  • jumping puzzles
  • research for the long road ahead for The Moot


Report from Vigil Keep


Patchnotes (omg so much)

  • Wardrobe, Transmutation Changes, Outfits
    • “Armor and weapon skins can now be unlocked for account-wide use.”
    • “All unlocked skins available to the character are shown in the Hero panel and can be applied to the equipment the character is currently wearing for one transmutation charge per item changed.”
    • “Changes in the Wardrobe section and the Dyes section can be committed at the same time, allowing players to preview the new look before applying any visual changes to their equipped gear.”
      • Allona: The preview is super nice.
    • “The laurel cost of Unidentified Dyes has changed to 5 laurels for one dye.”
      • Celeste: *cue the jaw drop* (it was 10unid for 5 laurels)
    • “With the addition of the Wardrobe system and the removal of the PvP locker, players will receive one Transmutation Charge for every PvP rank they have achieved.”
    • “Town clothes have been replaced by the wardrobe and outfits as a way to customize characters in and out of combat.”
    • “Players can visit a Black Lion Armor Trader in any major city to have their town clothes converted to items compatible with the new wardrobe.”
    • “Toys have been converted to inventory items, which summon a bundle with all the same functionality as before.”
      • Celeste: Am I the only one who finds this annoying? I feel like I’m using more bank space than before to be perfectly honest.
      • Allona: I don’t know about more … but I didn’t get back as much as I had expected.
  • World Boss Synchronization
    • “Many world bosses are now synchronized to activate at the same time across all worlds and instances of the map they occur in.”
    • “To support this feature, most world bosses in these rotations have been modified in various ways.”
    • Bosses have been changed mostly to where the events that could block progress have been reworked or removed to not cause impediments.
  • Guild World Events, Megaservers, WvW Account Bound XP
    • “Guilds may now utilize a consumable item to activate certain world bosses at any time up to an hour before the scheduled beginning of a world boss, provided that world boss is not already running.”
    • “The Guild World Event consumable must be used near a Guild World Event marker, which has been added near each of the following bosses:
      • Karka Queen (Steampipe Steading, Southsun Cove)
      • Tequatl the Sunless (Fabled Djannor, Sparkfly Fen)
      • Triple Trouble (Firth of Revanion, Bloodtide Coast)”
    • “This new system [megaservers] will first be enabled in the Heart of the Mists and then progressively rolled out to the rest of the open world, starting with the less populated areas. The order as well as the speed of the rollout may differ from what was previously announced in the original blog post, as we are adjusting our plans after further testing. It might continue to evolve during the process as we collect data and adjust accordingly.”
      • The Grove,  Heart of the Mist, Black Citadel, Timberline Falls, Southsun Cove, Rata Sum, Straits of Devastation, Fields of Ruin, Brisban Wildlands, Hoelbrak, Iron Marches, Blazeridge Steppes, Dredgehaunt Cliffs
        • Celeste: I was surprised when I read this post this morning because I had seen that I was in a merged Grove map last night.
    • “All characters have the same number of World Ability Points available to spend. Spending World Ability Points on one character doesn’t spend them on any other.”
  • Balance, Polish, Bug Fixes – General Bugs, UI Updates, Ferocity, Sigils
    • “Boss chests in dungeons are now limited to once a day. Champion loot bags and dungeon tokens from the bosses themselves will not be limited in this way.”
      • Allona: I assume that’s once per day per dungeon …  ((we can hope))
    • “All open world champions have been converted into events to allow for them to scale for large groups, or have had their classification changed to elite or veteran.”
      • Celeste: So no more champion kills for dailies?
    • “Fixed a bug that caused the wrong gathering tool to be shown to other players.”
    • “Fixed a bug that caused the camera height to not change depending on the scale of the character.”
    • “Completing a renown heart now gives a reward splash instead of sending mail.”
      • Celeste: awwwww no more cute letters! Krug want ryte sadz.
      • Allona: I loved the letters! The Krug one and the one from the little kid in Bettletun? They gave great flavour … Maybe the ‘letters’ can go in the ‘My Story’ tab?
      • EDIT: You still get the ‘letter’ response in the splash. It’s really quite well done.
    • “The guild upgrade that provided a discount to armor repair has been replaced with Disciplined Maneuvers, a buff that increases WXP gained by guild members for a time.”
    • “Some Mystic Forge recipes have been updated to provide a wider range of results.”
      • Celeste: like… ?
    • “The inherent dye properties of some armor pieces have been changed to match their wardrobe unlocks.”
    • “All existing ascended and legendary equipment that was soulbound is now account bound.”
    • “Exotic gear sold by Southsun Economists now has superior upgrades instead of major upgrades.”
    • “Ferocity is a new stat added to the game. This stat will increase critical damage for each point acquired, similar to the way precision increases the character’s critical hit chance. All current items, food, upgrades, traits, and skills that previously provided critical damage have now been converted to providing the ferocity stat. In most cases, these stat values were set to the standard secondary stat value of the item’s level and rarity. At level 80, every 15 points of ferocity increases the critical damage by 1%. The downscaling for critical damage and ferocity has been improved to function similarly to how precision and critical hit are downscaled.”
    • “Increased the stats provided from the celestial stat combination by 6.5% to compensate for the new ferocity changes.”
    • “Sigils no longer share the same cooldown. Example: Sigil of Fire no longer shares a cooldown with Sigil of Air.”
    • “Two-handed weapons can now have two sigils applied to them instead of one.”
      • So if you have a staff with two sigils now they won’t be interrupted or on cooldown with each other unless they are identical sigils.
    • If you want to see the rest of the sigil changes you’ll need to check out the patchnotes as they contain all the details.
  • Rune Changes
    • “All rune sets have been reworked and rebalanced. The bonuses have been updated to be much more consistent for each bonus slot. A lot of the power on each rune set has been shifted toward the later bonus slots to promote wearing a full set of runes. Below is the list of the superior version of every rune set, as they were all changed.”
      • Wow! So Many changes! It’s impossible to cover completely in the amount of time we’ve got.
  • Profession Changes – Traits
    • “Adept trait tier will now unlock at level 30. Master trait tier will now unlock at level 60. Grandmaster trait tier will now unlock at level 80.”
    • “Trait points have been condensed into 14 points (down from 70), each of which is equivalent to the value of 5 old trait points. This means that instead of granting 10 points of each trait-line-specific stat, each trait point will provide 50 points of the trait-line-specific stats. These will be distributed in the following manner:”
      • 1 point for every 6 levels starting at 30, 2 points for every 6 levels from level 66 on.
    • “Creatures in the level range of 11-79 have had their stats adjusted to account for the player obtaining traits and stats from trait lines later on in the leveling process.”
    • You’ll now need trait guides to unlock traits for new characters and for new traits (ones added with this patch and additionally new traits that will, presumably, be added)
    • Trait Guides can be found in a multitude of different content throughout the world.
      • Story dungeons
      • Mini dungeons
      • World vs. World
      • Personal story
      • Map completion
      • Specific bosses
        • Note that sPvP is not mentioned. PvP non-core guides are the same price as their pve unlocks, roughly 3g and 20 skill points each.
    • Refund your traits at any time, a plus and minus button was added so that you can change your points easily
  • Profession Balance and Bug Fixes
    • “Fear: This condition now functions as an interrupt and will trigger on interrupt functionalities.”
      • Allona: This is awesome!
    • “Player bundles (kits, conjured weapons, banners, etc.) will now scale damage based on the rarity of the player’s equipped weapon.”
      • Celeste: I’m glad I spent the money on a rare rifle for my engi, as she was using a blue one before and always in nade/bomb kit
    • “Fixed several server-side bugs that will help reduce skill lag in combat.”
    • “Fixed an issue in which players would occasionally be unable to move if resurrected immediately after being downed.”
  • Structured PvP, WvW, and Black Lion Trading Co Updates
    • “PvP rank achievements now use the account’s total accumulated rank points instead of personal score.”
    • PvP Reward Tracks – play the story mode of the dungeon to unlock the dungeon tracks permanently
    • PvP Gear Unification – no more locker, pve gear is pvp gear as far as skins
    • PvP Ranks – revamp
    • PvP Maps – Courtyard has no capture points and is only available to custom arena owners
    • “Custom arena owners must now have the Autobalance option enabled or the arena will be marked as No Progression.”
    • “All PvP maps have had their water combat removed so we also removed the water-combat tutorial area.” This also means that Raid on the Capricorn is not
    • “Commanders: The Commander buff is now only displayed to friendly players.”
    • “Siege Weapons: Normalized the hit boxes of all siege gadgets”
    • “Removed the delay on the first note when playing a harp or drum.”


Get moar skins!

  • A super handy list of all the karma items that have unique skins!


Where be the town clothes?!

  • Missing the town clothes you were wearing before patch? Visit the Black Lion Trader [Armorsmith] – I couldn’t find the town clothes stuff I had on prior to the patch anywhere, but on visiting the Black Lion Trader [Armorsmith] (near trading posts I believe), I got them all back as whatever new version they were supposed to be.
    • This devolved into a fairly big hate post about the tonics.
  • Allona: I really think I’m going to ask for a refund on the tonics. I can’t mix and match or dye them. Except I LOVE the cherry blossom shirt (just not in this iteration). And I probably will never use the cultural town clothes ever again … again, because I can’t dye them — also can’t hotswap like I used to. Sad.
  • Celeste: likewise.
Ask An Asura


Goodbye personality system?

“It was nice having that dove next to my elementalist icon. I hope the system is revisited some day in some form, it was promising.”

  • doomguard3: The system is still there, it’s the tracker that was removed. It might come back later when it becomes a full feature. All of the NPCs and character creations still have personality choices.
  • Sonendo: Way back in the early days it was supposed to be part of an elaborate system involving personal story, character reward tracks, and more.
    The system didn’t pan out in time for launch. Some of these systems exist now in some new form (the new grandmaster trait unlocks are an example), but the personality system has been left to rot.
  • AilosCount: Well…at the end, it didn´t do what it was supposed to. It was nice flavour, and I believe the dialogue options will still be there. If they revisit it sometime and it´ll function as advertised, it´d be great. Next feature pack maybe? :)
  • JkTyrant: I was a nobleman! I was a god damn nobleman! I had a crown! Now I’m a nobody, cries uncontrollably in the corner
  • Allona: If it’s gone for good, I will be sad. I consciously crafted specific personalities for all my characters.


Tales of Tyria


Lilo and Snaff

  • Allona: LOVE this!


Custom Minis!

  • Celeste: this is fucking awesome!
  • Allona: Ah. Mah. Gahd! Expletives totally warranted.


Ninth Anniversary of Guild Wars 1!

  • Boardwalk, Dragon Arena, and Rollerbeetle Racing
  • April 22 to April 29


Request for community events of the week/bi-week. Send us an email!

If you’ve got a burning question for our Ask an Asura segment, please let us know!


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Got a second Bonetti’s Rapier!

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