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San Antonio, TX

Description: Gunsmoke Podcast

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Gunsmoke-Absalom 3-7-53

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Gunsmoke. June 6, 1953 "Sundown" Marshal Dillon and Chester find an Indian squaw dying on the prairie and suspects foul play. A good story! William Conrad (writer, performer), John McIntire, Michael Ann Barrett, Parley Baer, Lawrence Dobkin, John Dehner, Georgia Ellis, Norman Macdonnell (director),...

Fall Semester

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Gunsmoke. May 30, 1953 "Fall Semester" Lee Dargan is being cheated by his foreman Jim Slater. His cattle are being stolen, but he doesn't know how! William Conrad, Parley Baer, Roy Rowan (announcer), Georgia Ellis, Howard McNear, Norman Macdonnell (director), John McIntire, Harry Bartell, John Dehne...

Print Asper

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Gunsmoke. May 23, 1953 "Print Asper" Rabb is a dishonest lawyer who tries to cheat John Asper out of his ranch. Lawyer Rabb is found shot four days later, it looks as if one of Asper's son's did the shooting. A good story!  William Conrad, John Meston (writer), Joseph Kearns, John Dehner, Sam E...

The Buffalo Hunter

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The Buffalo Hunter 5-9-53  A buffalo hunter named Gatliff brings a dying buffalo skinner into Dodge. His face had been pushed into a pan of hot lead! Soon afterwards, a nester is found stabbed to death. A good story.  William Conrad, Georgia Ellis, Parley Baer, George Walsh (announcer), La...

Bums Rush

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Bums Rush 4-18-53

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