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Neil W. McCabe, Editor of Guns & Patriots

Description: A weekly podcast from Guns & Patriots, the firearms e-newsletter from Human Events.

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#39: R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart

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Brian and Neil discuss the passing of Andrew Breitbart, Brian’s “Legislative Lowdown” column for Human Events and the pending unveiling of the Senate’s Concealed Carry National Reciprocity bill. In the Medal of Honor Roll Call, historian Robert J. Laplander talks to Neil about Frank Luke Jr...

#38: Recess is over

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Neil and Brian speak to gun rights advocate Mike Hammond, who is counsel for Gun Owners of America and former General Counsel for the Senate Steering Committee. Hammond talks about the status of expanding gun rights both of Capitol Hill and in the states. Also, Neil and Brian review the heroes highl...

#37: The Obama Plan to Disarm Pilots

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Brian and Neil hash out President Barack Obama's 50 percent cut in the federal government's program to for deputizing and arming airline pilots. Listen, too, to Neil's conversation with historian Robert J. Laplander, the author of the G8P's Medal of Honor Roll Call column, about forgotten WWI heroes...

#36: CPAC Look Back

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Brian and Neil review Brian’s “Legislative Lowdown” column, particularly Brian’s take on the new federal highway bill and the prospects of new gun rights legislation. Neil also interviews Tea Party leader Mark Meckler about his new book “Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution,...

#35: Even with a U.S. citizenships, Martians are always aliens

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Brian and Neil re-live the Patriots v. Giants Super Bowl, then in whatever time is left, reveal the unexpected developments in the Senate's national reciprocity concealed carry bill. Also, hear Neil's conversation with Eric Bolling, who hosts "Follow the Money" on Fox Business and is one of the five...

#34: The Heller Case, Gun Rights in DC

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Brian and Neil discuss the Heller I 8 II, the District of Columbia gun rights cases filed by Dick Heller, the GOP primary contests and Brian's "Legislative Lowdown" column. Speaking with Neil, Robert J. Laplander describes the combat leadership of WWI hero Freddie Stowers.Download Standard Podcasts...

#32: Why Am I Still Dancing?

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What is the state of gun rights legislation on Capitol Hill? Brian and Neil tell you, so you can impress your friends, and ex-friends with the scoop. Also the Medal of Honor Roll Call and Brian's "Legislative Lowdown."Download Standard Podcasts...

#31: Taking Guns for Granite

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Neil and Brian talk about the upcoming New Hampshire primary and discuss the Granite State's stance on 2nd Amendment rights.Download Standard Podcasts...

#24: ‘Bowing to Beijing’ With Meaning

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Editor Neil W. McCabe interviews William C. Triplett II, who with Brett M. Decker, co-wrote “Bowing to Beijing” and talks to Brian H. Darling about the failure of the Super Committee.Download Standard Podcasts...

#21: Carry Concealed, Teddy Unconcealed

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Neil and Brian talk about concealed carry nationwide and in Wisconsin with John Velleco from Gun Owners of America. Later, Brian and Neil talk to historian Robert J. Laplander about soldier, scholar and president Theodore Roosevelt whose heroism at San Juan Hill is the focus of this week's Medal...

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