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Chris Evans Interviews Lee Johns on Converged Storage – #HPDiscover 2011


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Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

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Chris Evans Interviews Lee Johns on Converged Storage – #HPDiscover 2011

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Lee Johns

Jeffrey Powers hands the microphone to HP – Converged Storage.

Bringing storage in a data center through converged utility storage. Merging IT as a service so customers can get scalable storage. Then you have convergance for individual areas.

“The real power of the Converged Virtual space is that it is truly standardized – The technologies that we are building throughout the company leverage from Proliant and blade system DNA.” Says Johns. “it can be a standard Proliant, a blade system or virtual machine.”

By using Virtal appliances by Microsoft. Therefore, you can do real world work and leverage from a remote site.

They also talk about Store360, which is a part of Converged Storage. It’s role is to help standardize storage with a common OS. They also talk 3Par and it’s role in CS.

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