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Duncan Campbell: From Infrastructure to Applications – #HPDiscover 2011


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Geekazine Geek Smack! Review

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: Geekazine Geek Smack! Review

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Duncan Campbell: From Infrastructure to Applications – #HPDiscover 2011

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Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell joins Jeffrey Powers to talk about news. We talk about Converged Infrastructure and the new EcoPOD - how an IT department can use the scalability.

It was a great testimony on how the Cowboys were able to change their ratio of what they were spending on IT, which was 80%.” says Campbell. “They were able flip that to spend about 80% on innovation and 20% on operations. “

Duncan mentioned Converged Systems – Appliances that center around Virtualization and Cloud. Scalability with an IT department. Duncan talks about how Kung Fu Panda 2.

“It’s all about accelerating IT to get better business results.” Duncan mentions. “At the end of the day, customers don’t care about Converged Infrastructure, but they DO care about is what it enables them to do…”

Duncan continues to talk about how this can expand and leverage the Converged Infrastructure strategy. Pieces like IBRIX, 3PAR and EVA to put storage on top. New assests mean new innovation.

Jeffrey brings up the new Vertica system.  Duncan recalls the keynote with Blue Cross – Blue Shield using it so they could be quicker to respond for patients.

Finally, we talk a bit about innovation. Expanding to the campus and the branch office. You can have a single OS so your total cost of ownership is pretty high.

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