Geekazine Geek Smack! Review

ServerLift Lifts Servers, Blades – Interop


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Geekazine Geek Smack! Review

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: Geekazine Geek Smack! Review

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ServerLift Lifts Servers, Blades – Interop

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If you have a Pool Table in a bar, it only makes sense to have a Pool Table lift. Therefore, if you have a Server room or Data Center, you need a lift to put the Server racks up.

That is what ServerLift is all about. They sell a device that helps you put up and take down a rack. Therefore, if there is a problem rack, you can pull the whole thing down instead of standing on a shelf trying to troubleshoot.

After all, if you have a Billion dollars in server equipment, you want to take care of it best you can.

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