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015 Grains from Gutteridge – The Seamless Garment of Christ


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Grains from Gutteridge Podcast

Jim Kerwin

Description: Thought-provoking Bible teaching from the Percy Gutteridge archives

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015 Grains from Gutteridge – The Seamless Garment of Christ

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Show Notes for Grains from Gutteridge Podcast Episode #15:
The Seamless Garment of Christ Summary: Casting lots for the seamless garment“…now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout.”

Have you ever clearly understood how Jesus Christ is God and Man, perfectly, at the same time?

Here’s a seemingly unrelated question: Have you ever given thought to Jesus’ seamless garment, for which the soldiers gambled during the Crucifixion (John 19:23)?

Why did Jesus wear a seamless garment, and why does the Holy Spirit bring that point out in the Gospel of John?  Why is it significant that the garment is like the ephod of the high priest, “woven from the top throughout?”  Pastor Percy Gutteridge unfolds the answers to these questions and more in this message.

Scripture Reading:

John 21:1-24


We thank Fellowship member Brian Fettes for providing the digitization of the original cassette tape through the services of Audioanalogy Musicworks of Canada.

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