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Episode #153: Gossip Girl Is Dead


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Talking Gossip After Dark

Angela, Missy and Dave

Description: Talking Gossip After Dark is a podcast about the CW's hit show Gossip Girl. Every week Angela will discuss the episode and any hot topics concerning the cast or the show. Listeners are encouraged to

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Episode #153: Gossip Girl Is Dead

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It’s the last time the ladies of TGAD will break down a Gossip Girl episode, so take it all in as you listen.  Gossip Girl ended it’s six season run last night and now…Gossip Girl is dead.  Thank you for listening to TGAD all these years!  Listen in as Angela, Missy and Brittany talk about the Gossip Girl SERIES finale 6.10 – I Love New York, XOXO!

Talking Gossip After Dark
Episode #153 – Gossip Girl Is Dead
December 18, 2012


Gossip Girl is over and ended with season high ratings.

Thanks to Deb and Brittany for the live blog.  Big thanks to Deb for all the hard work she put in for TGAD.

  • Help us with the podcast.  We’re looking for Gossip Girl’s top 20 moments of the series. Vote in the polls on the site too.
  • Retrospective
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  • This episode: Series finale of Gossip Girl 6.10 – I Love You New York, XoXo



Episode Commentary:

First Impression Poll:
Did you like 6.10 – I Love You New York, XoXo

Were you satisfied with the Gossip Girl series finale?

Quick tie up of story lines:

  • Bart’s death
  • Nate’s financial problems
  • Ivy and William

Chairytale Ending

  • Were you satisfied? What did you think of the wedding?
  • Are Chair fans happy?

Guest Characters Return

  • Were the guest spots what you expected?
  • Jack Bass, Juliet, Jenny, Vanessa, Juliet, Ivy, Eric, Lola
  • Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell

Gossip Girl Dead

  • What do you think about Dan being Gossip Girl? Are you satisfied? Does it make sense?
  • What do you think about Jenny knowing the entire time?
  • Can we really say that Dan wasn’t one of them?  And why is it ok for one of them to do those type of things?
  • Was Serena right that Dan wrote a love letter to her and to everyone else?

Five Years Later

  • Nate running for mayor
  • Jenny working for Blair
  • The couples:  Rufus and Lisa Loeb, William and Lily, Georgina and Jack
  • Blair and Chuck have a kid
  • Dan and Serena get married.

Rate The Episode/General Thoughts:

  • Was it worth it in the end? Will Gossip Girl go down in Teen Drama history?


  • We’ll be back next year for the final episode of TGAD to talk about what we think Gossip Girl’s top 20 moments are.  We wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
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