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Episode #152: The Training Bra of Treachery


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Talking Gossip After Dark

Angela, Missy and Dave

Description: Talking Gossip After Dark is a podcast about the CW's hit show Gossip Girl. Every week Angela will discuss the episode and any hot topics concerning the cast or the show. Listeners are encouraged to

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Episode #152: The Training Bra of Treachery

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Angela and Brittany talk about the next to last episode of Gossip Girl 6.09 – The Revengers.  Listen to us talk about what we think will happen in the final episode of Gossip Girl and our thoughts on the episode…and the whole season.

Talking Gossip After Dark
Episode #152 – The Training Bra of Treachery
December 11, 2012


  • One more episode to go.
  • Gossip Girl News
  • Help us with the podcast.  We’re looking for Gossip Girl’s top 20 moments of the series. Vote in the polls on the site too.
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  • This episode: 6.09 – The Revengers


Episode Commentary:

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Did you like 6.09 – The Revengers

General Comments:

  • Good direction heading into the final episode?
  • High point and low point of the episode

Nate Gets Arrested

Bart Bass Bites It Again

Dan Pines For Serena…Again

Rate The Episode/General Thoughts:

The Final Chapter

  • What do you want to see in the final episode of Gossip Girl?


  • We’ll be back next week to talk about Gossip Girl 6.10 – New York I Love You, XoXo.
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