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Episode #148: You Don’t Have Boyfriends; You Have Life Rafts


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Talking Gossip After Dark

Angela, Missy and Dave

Description: Talking Gossip After Dark is a podcast about the CW's hit show Gossip Girl. Every week Angela will discuss the episode and any hot topics concerning the cast or the show. Listeners are encouraged to

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Episode #148: You Don’t Have Boyfriends; You Have Life Rafts

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Talking Gossip After Dark
Episode #148: You Don’t Have Boyfriends; You Have Life Rafts
November 13, 2012

Gossip Girl news: DVD release in Feb, final episode Dec 17, 2012 with two hour finale
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This episode: 6.05 – Monstrous Ball

What story line are you least interested in this season?


Episode Commentary:

First Impression Poll: Did you like Gossip Girl 6.05 – Monstrous Ball?

High and Low
Did you like the episode?
What was your favorite part of the episode? What was your least favorite part of the episode?

General Comments:
Will Blair fail at making Waldorf Designs a success? Is she just not ready for this position?
Chivy is every one’s too: Why is everyone turning to Ivy to help their plans work? Is this story line moving too slow on the road to nowhere?
Blair and Chuck: hitting or missing the mark?

Chuck Wants To Expose Bart
Is there something else that Bart isn’t telling? He’s already spilled his secret to Lily, how is Chuck going to move forward with no leverage?
How deep is this story line going to go? Do you think Chuck will eventually take Bart down?
Is Lily the best or worst wife ever?

Serena Attaches To Her Life Raft
Does Serena have boyfriends or life rafts?
Was Steven really trying to hide that ring?
Do you think Serena is ready for marriage? Is Steven ready for marriage? Do you think marriage would be the best thing for Serena?
Why did Sage go back to hating Serena? And would Nate really be OK with that?

Cotillion On The UES
Should Nate have given pause to escort another girl to cotillion at his age? Is it time for Sage and Nate to call it quits?
Blair’s plan for Sage’s dress. Was the dress too risky? Would this dress be enough to save the company?
The sex tape revealed at cotillion. But was I the only one under the impression that Dan and Serena didn’t have sex that night? So is it a full sex tape?
Would Georgina actually allow her phone to be stolen? And how did Sage hear that conversation from across the room?

We Haven’t Been Friends in A While
Should Blair have even gotten involved with Sage and her plan with Serena? Would the plan have even worked?
Why all of the sudden is Serena interested in having a friendship with Blair now? Doesn’t this seem a little odd? What made things different?
Did Serena really cross the line with the sex tape or is Blair over reacting to the situation?

What Is Dan’s Plan?
Why did Dan release a chapter on Chuck that seemed pretty polite and less scandalous? Why is Dan even still attached to Georgina when it comes to the book? Is it time for Georgina to exit the story?
Does Dan have a hidden agenda?
Why do you think he’s hesitant to release the Blair chapter? Should Dan just get over his feelings for Blair since she’s really not interested in him?
Are you pleased with how this story line turned out versus the promo suggestions?
Dan and Serena are they going to become a couple again? Would you be opposed to that? Could this finally be their moment?

Rate The Episode/General Thoughts:

We’ll be back next week to talk about Gossip Girl 6.06 – Where The Vile Things Are
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