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The Goulds-Love Beyond Measure!


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Gospel Music Roundup

Thomas Whiteman

Jasper, MO

Description: Praising the Lord in song:It\'s what we do, right here, on Gospel Music Roundup!

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The Goulds-Love Beyond Measure!

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As you listen to this Gospel Music Roundup Artist Spotlight, you'll see the reason I chose The Goulds as my premier 2014 episode; with such timing, testimony and tenacity, they are making great strides for the Gospel as well as within Gospel Music circles. Continue reading →

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Esh Family Tribute

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We have this confidence- the Eshes who died now live in paradise. For the remaining family, tragedy has made both their faith and their love for God more precious than ever, envisioning their family as rejoicing in eternal bliss. Determined, not to be sidetracked by temporal pain, but to look for th...

In Our Father’s Hands

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As our Father's creations, we have been placed under His auspices, His Care, His guidance and His rules.  If you can say that you are not, it is only because you have stepped out, not because He let you go...

Crawford and Co: Great Company!

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Gospel Music Roundup is pleased to present Crawford and Co, from Joplin Missouri!

In case they look familiar, it's because Justin Crawford, Peggy Crawford and Gary Crawford are the trio that make up Crawford And Co, formerly Known as Canaan Bound out of Joplin, Missouri...

Light Your Gospel Fire

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In This Edition of Gospel Music Roundup...


We aim to ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit sent by the Father in your soul, with great sounds from people who LOVE to PRAISE THE KING!

When it's cold outside, you can always warm up to the Gospel!...

Winter Gospel Bluegrass Jam!

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Come join us, for the Winter Southern Gospel Bluegrass Jam!

There is no shortage of warmth, when Gospel Music Musicians get together and play in that good ol' BLUEGRASS STYLE, and there is no shortage of that style, right here on Gospel Music Roundup!...

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