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Nikon’s Wireless Adapter


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Geek News Central Special Media

Todd Cochrane

Honolulu, HI

Description: Geek News Central Special Media Blog. Media from Events Like the Consumer Electronics Show, South by Southwest (SXSW) and other National events will be highlighted here.

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Nikon’s Wireless Adapter

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Nikon 1 models. It cannot be used with older cameras because they do not have the correct circuitry. Not only does this adapter allow you to send the pictures from your camera to the phone wirelessly, it also allows you to trigger the camera directly from the phone. For example let’s say you want to take a picture of a group and you want to be in the picture; you can set your camera up, then place yourself in the group, then arrange the group the way you want using what you see in the phone as a guide, knowing that what you see in the phone is what the camera seeing, you can then trigger your shot using the phone.

Nikon’s newest camera is a Nikon website.

Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.

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