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Did Microsoft Hit a Home Run with Surface Tablet?


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Geekazine Geek Smack! Review

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: Geekazine Geek Smack! Review

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Did Microsoft Hit a Home Run with Surface Tablet?

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Geek Smack!

Continuing on with new logos for the shows. iPad365 got updated last night. More updates coming. There is a little more Geek news than Tech, but the big news of Surface tablet takes over the last part of the conversation. Citrix are giving away some 3rd Gen iPads this month. Like them on Facebook to win!

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Geek Smack! episode 228 Tech News:


Flipboard adds Google+ Integration

Facebook Acquires
-One step closer to a Facebook phone?
Flipboard getting Google+ Integration
- I guess Google is only giving their friends access to Google+ in other ways. Either that, or their on a Pay-to-Play model.
IBM Supercomputer Overtakes Fujitsu
- Fujitsu computer was on top for 2 years.
Songza Gets 1.15 million Downloads
- Since WWDC, Songza is burning up in the space.
Mozilla for iPad
- Only problem is Safari is still the default no matter what
GM, Ford, Chrystler get TLD
- Car companies join many others that have new top level domains.

Geek Smack! Geek News:

The Kick Light is an LED light for iPhone looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Kickstarter – The Kick Light
Haloween – Cool AT&T Costume
Book or Kindle – Harry Potter Free on Kindle Library
LEGO – LEGO Data Center
Food or Commerce – Let’s Pizza Vending Machine (can you really make pizza in 2 1/2 minutes through a vending machine?)
Cleaning – New Roomba 790
Food Service – Meat Slicing with Frikken Lasers
Street Art – 3D Pac Man Painting
Entrepreneur – The Hangover Bus
Weird – Elephant Gets Contact Lenses

Geek Smack: Is Microsoft’s Surface Tablet the Next Generation of Computer? Microsoft Surface

With the announcement of Surface Tablet, many have been impressed. Not since January 2009, when Steve Jobs stood on stage and showed off the iPad was a change in technology so prevalent. While the idea of a tablet was not surprising, the idea of a tablet that could work just like your desktop or laptop is definitely the next step.

I don’t know how Surface will fair. In all reality, it could fail worse than the Lisa, or Newton. Phantom game console, or any other vaporware. But what it did do was usher in a new era. One of design and size. One that embraces the next generation.

Now there were a few gaping holes in this Surface announcement. The biggest one was this device did not have 4G built-in. For a “Next Generation” mobile machine, something like 4G is very important. Especially since you can only hold 64 GB on the machine. You need a cloud service to hold documents, video and audio. You don’t want to have to carry a portable hard drive – otherwise, why are we slimming down the machine if we have to carry so many accessories?

The new ARM Surface tablet won’t be out until October. The Surface Pro won’t come out until 2013. I personally was impressed to the point where I’m thinking of getting a Surface. If it’s running a full version of software, I could travel with 2-3 of these machines to match 1 of my laptops.

Geek Smack! is a weekly video show and podcast that comes out every Tuesday evening. Your host: Jeffrey Powers – talks tech news, contact him. Jeffrey Powers does interviews, just ask!

 Did Microsoft Hit a Home Run with Surface Tablet?