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GNC-2012-03-05 #747 Early Show


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Todd Cochrane


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GNC-2012-03-05 #747 Early Show

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Very early show today as my schedule allowed it. Lots of fun doing the show in the afternoon versus early evening. Enjoy the march continues to show 750.

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Show Notes:
Messenger for Facebook?
China 15 Million iPhones?
Ford – MyFord Touch Announcements.
MyFord Touch Upgrade Kit.
BigStock Photo.
Apple TV Rumors.
Devon Tread Watch AKA Cool.
Voice Gun.
MegaUpload Extradition.
Torrent Standards Wars.
Apollo 15 Site and Images.
See Mars tonight.
Awesome Weather.
Buy it Now.
iPhone Smuggler.
SXSW Parties.
FCC on Dish
Android App Tool.
Dave and Adam.
iPad3 LTE?
iPad3 Shipping.
Foursquare and Walgreens.
Security Business Booming.
This is It isn’t It.
FCC wants your Comments.
Emergency Apps.
Flickr False DMCA Fallout.
Drunk on Smartphone.
File Sharing goes Underground.
RIAA Hypocrites. buys Fav.TV.
Windows 8 Love it or Hate It?

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