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GNC-2012-02-06 #740 Google Solution!


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Todd Cochrane


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GNC-2012-02-06 #740 Google Solution!

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One of the reasons we dropped the show notes last show was to see what the feedback would be. Two fans complained which was smaller than I thought it would be. We are working on a solution to keep from being penalized by Google when we post 30 links in the show notes without a lot of context.. Tonight we will implement nofollow on those links like we do with ads and we will see if this helps us.

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Show Notes:
Sorry No Atlantis.
Old Milwaukee Scores.
Awesome WordPress Plugins.
Kick them while their Down.
Are you a Lifetime Customer?
Start Button RIP?
Trendnet Cams Big Security Risk!
Apple HDTV $1499.00 Best Buy?
Password Lapse.
Anti-SOPA / PIPA Coalition.
Apple Warns Developers.
Apple Loosing Key People.
Six Strike System Moving Forward.
I’ll Never Go Back.
Super Bowl and Twitter Stats.
600 Million Year drought on Mars.
Mars Avalanche.
New P2P Copyright Fight.
Does your Phone Crash?
Heads Up Display in Google Goggles.
Heated Gloves.
Weather Cube?
Oh my Colon!
BTJunkie Runs for the Hills.
Redbox + Verizon = Stream!
Redbox buys Blockbuster Express.
The Demise of TV!
Electronics Geek App.
Max bandwidth competition in Russia.
Rogers LTE Device.
Amazon Stores?
Human Price of Apple Products.

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