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GNC #994 Murphy’s Law


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Todd Cochrane


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GNC #994 Murphy’s Law

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Well we blew up a computer on the last show, that’s how hot this show is… Besides me not knowing what day it is, this is as packed as a show as they come… I make up some time from when I was on travel.

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Messenger Privacy Concern Video.
The Point,

Show Notes
Fitbit in Court.
Simple Insane Car Video.
1.5 Billion more for Schools?
Black Friday Mania.
Podcasts on Spotify?
Retina iMac Delays.
Advanced in image recognition.
Not do Fast DOJ.
Intel Smart Cuff for Women.
State Department Email Hacked.
Hear WiFi.
SR-71 Cockpit.
Nokia Announcement.
Navy Laser.
Android 5 Butt Dialing.
BitCoin Auction.
Honda Hydrogen Car.
Interstellar Sound Sucks.
Apple OSX 8.1.1
Swapping Germs.
TrustE not so Trustful.
Use Snapchat to send money.
Comet Landings.

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GNC #993 Net Neutrality

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Lot's to share, trip to Michigan, solar going on the roof, massive GoDaddy month in October.. Plus a ton of tech news to comment and get caught up on.. Plus my reactions to the iPhone 6+

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GNC #992 Space Tourism - Geek News Central (Video)

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This show is packed end to end of tech news and information. I spend sometime tonight talking about a couple of topics that I am sure your going to enjoy. One of them is the tragedy in Mojave and the future of Space Tourism. I head out to Michigan if you want to attend my meetup on Saturday give a s...

GNC #991 Whoops - Geek News Central (Video)

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Whoops totally screwed up on the last show in initially linking to the wrong media file my apologies. Lots of hard hitting tech articles tonight and I pack in a lot of content. Enjoy the podcast and keep the feedback coming.

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GNC #990 Amazon Fire Stick - Geek News Central (Video)

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Amazon is getting serious in it's battle for the set top box or in this case the Amazon Fire Stick which from a performance standard looks to outpace the chromecast. I have ordered two and at $20.00 for prime members it really is a no brainer. Lot's of tech news in today's show so sit back and be en...

GNC #989 It Lives

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The Saga of my Mac Pro continues in a word it lives. More info in the show tonight. I know one thing they should have put wheels on this thing its as heavy as a tank.

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