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GNC-2012-05-24 #768 Bandwidth Running on Empty


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

Description: Tech, Science, New Media and more from a Pioneer in Podcasting

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GNC-2012-05-24 #768 Bandwidth Running on Empty

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The past show winner declined a second prize so I have re-awarded the prize to Jerry Mcfalls with tonight’s prize going to Tom with the Comcast address. Wining is easy just sign up for the shows newsletter.. May is listener appreciation month and we are giving prizes away every show. Tonight I am pretty pleased with the road show.. All we need to do is get the green screen to be all dialed in.

There is a family development. My Grandfather on my Dad’s side is very ill and I will let you know if there are any developments or if I have to make a mad dash to Michigan.

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