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GNC-2012-03-22 #752 The Crud Strikes!


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

Description: Tech, Science, New Media and more from a Pioneer in Podcasting

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GNC-2012-03-22 #752 The Crud Strikes!

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Hey folks have a serious case of the crud but the show must go on.. Probably better to listen to this one versus watch ;) . Minor schedule changes on my Indy trip but a log going on here getting ready for the new quarter.

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Listener Links:
Google Defends MegaUpload.
Two Rambling Idiots.

Show Notes:
Kim Dotcom gets $60k per Month.
Hunger Games.
Retina coming to MacBook?
ISP Code of Conduct.
Code of Conduct.
Fake Settlement Demands.
Bogus Ruling is Setback.
Australian ISP Secret P2P Talks.
Ads from Phone Background Noise.
Aussie Wardriving.
OWN getting Hammered.
18 Million MacPro Case.
Seesmic cuts Staff.
Blip cuts Distro.
Startup Bill excites me!
Vitamin Warning.
Balding Cure?
Facebook + Wife + 911 = 60 days in Jail.
iPad Cover Issues.
Ice Cream Sandwich Update.
My Visa Issue.
Eventbrite Card reader.
Nielsen to Measure Net.
Cyber Rules of Engagement.
Lacie 2Big.
Windows 8 Scaling and Retina Display.
AT&T sued by FCC.
Cannon 5D Mark III
UFO in Russia.
Mercury Mission Extended.