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GNC-2012-03-08 #748 Apple TV Fail


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Todd Cochrane

Honolulu Hawaii

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GNC-2012-03-08 #748 Apple TV Fail

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What the heck was Apple thinking. The Apple TV update was the weakest hardware update in Apple’s history. Lots of great tech today and luckily I do not dwell on the Apple news.

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Show Notes:
Facebook Whales.
Graphics Long Road Ahead.
LED Efficiency!
Insight of a Copyright Infringer.
Citibank App Kindle Fire.
Invasion of Privacy?
TSA Scanners Hack?
National Parks View.
100 Million Smartphones.
4g Scam.
Skype Update.
Apple TV #1
Apple TV #2
Apple TV #3.
The New iPad Data Costs.
Verizon win – AT&T Loose.
Ford Tablet Support.
Adobe Lightroom.
Google Hangout for Blind.
YouTube Channels.
Simple Suction Cup.
iPad Stylus.
Pirate Bay 30% less BW.
Hotfile Under Fire.
ISS Engine Burn Photo
Sun Solar Flare.
More Apollo!
Redbull Skydive Capsule.
Atom Image.
Roku Going International.
Speed of Light Chip.
IT – iPod, iPad- iPhone Management.
Clearwire Wimax.
Amazon EC2 Changes.
Archos G9 Update.