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Geek Love Radio

Francis The Other Guy, Dave the Drummer, Dani the Universe

Description: The podcast that doesn't put the word sex in it's description. We're three nerds, who are funny, geeky, and advicey. It's all about love, sex, and relationships from a geek's perspective.

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Geek Love Radio Ep. 107

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The last Geek Love Radio of 2012, Dave the Drummer, Francis the Other Guy, & Lei the Nerdlicious discuss the anti love song, thanks to listener Eric and his e-mail:

I hate love songs, with a passion.  So, I present to you guys, a list of anti-love songs.

Psychostick - throwin down, in a band to get chicks, girl directions
Ra - Skorn
30 seconds to mars - Buddha for Mary
Adventures of Duane and Brando - the carpet is lava
Tantric - Love Song, the one
Cold - Stupid Girl

More to come. I hope you guys can bring this up a little bit in the next podcast. Take care.

P.S. I know who your anonymous caller is because I listen to other podcasts about sex.

From there we check out what Spotify found as the top 20 songs to make "whoopie to. We don't agree with a lot of these songs:

We give a little year in review of Geek Love Radio and even give a little anti-love, and a some talk on how to just forget the holidays all together and just have fun being single. There's also our Geek Love Tip of the Year. There's all that and much more, this week, on GLR.

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