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Geek Love Radio Ep. 104


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Geek Love Radio

Francis The Other Guy, Dave the Drummer, Dani the Universe

Description: The podcast that doesn't put the word sex in it's description. We're three nerds, who are funny, geeky, and advicey. It's all about love, sex, and relationships from a geek's perspective.

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Geek Love Radio Ep. 104

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In this episode we have J short for Jay, Dani the Universe, and Francis the Other Guy as they navigate the unsteady waters of love, sex, and relationships all in the world of the geek. And this time around, we cover:

Cheating, and the growing number of women who are doing it.

The beautiful versus the sexy woman. What's the difference?

Cuddling is not foreplay.

Is Romance Dead?

And much more!

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