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The Geekcast #316 – Spec Ops: The Line Review


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Aaron Crocco

Long Island, NY

Description: The Geekcast is a technology show hosted by all-around tech guy Aaron Crocco, featuring news, how-tos, hacks & more. Cohosted by gamer Gozer, The Geekcast is the best tech resource.

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The Geekcast #316 – Spec Ops: The Line Review

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OUYA: a hacker-friendly Android console seeking Kickstarter funds

A new Kickstarter project is making waves, by proposing an open-source, hacker-friendly platform using Android as its backbone. “OUYA” merges the “satisfying” experience of a console with the developer-friendly nature of the Android marketplace. The project is seeking nearly a million dollars in funds, but it’s already managed to reach more than half its lofty goal within just a day.

The project’s goal is $950,000, a figure it’s likely to hit. It’s been less than a day, and it’s hit more than $590,000. That’s no doubt because the higher dollar amounts, $95 and $99, offer the console itself as a reward. So far, the project hasn’t outlined any stretch goals, but they seem likely.

The funding will go towards converting the prototype to production models with approvals from regulatory agencies, development kits, production orders, and possibly some first-party game development. It also claims that games will be required to offer a free element, be it a demo or the full game with microtransactions.

OUYA has already specified its technical specs, including a Tegra3 quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of flash storage, an HDMI connection, and Android 4.0. The controller looks fairly standard for consoles, with eight action buttons, two analog sticks, a D-pad, and the addition of a touch pad.

Kinect PlayFit launches for Xbox Live, tracks all of the calories you burn playing ‘Star Wars’

Get fit playing “Star Wars?” That’s the dream, isn’t it? Microsoft is looking to make that dream a reality with its Xbox Live that helps users track burned calories across Kinect titles like “Dance Central 2,” “Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012″ and, yes, “Kinect Star Wars.” The dashboard features “social motivation,” including rankings, leaderboards and community integration. PlayFit is launching today as a free download for all US-based Xbox Live members. It’ll be hitting areas outside the US later this week, so everyone can break a sweat in a galaxy far, far away.

Report: Next Kindle Fire will have camera, sharper display

Come November, Amazon’s Kindle Fire Android tablet will be a year old, which means that its successor is shortly on the way.

Sources “familiar with Amazon’s plans” have told AllThingsD that the next-generation Kindle Fire will be thinner and lighter, and feature a built-in camera.

It will also have a display resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels — about the same as the iPad 2, and a substantial upgrade from the current Kindle Fire’s 1,024 x 600-pixel screen. (The iPad 3′s “retina” display is 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, for comparison.)


The Kindle Fire 2′s screen won’t only be sharper, it will also be slightly more square, AllThingsD’s sources said. The screen of the next Kindle Fire will have an aspect ratio of 1.60, compared to the current Kindle Fire’s more elongated 1.71 aspect ratio.

The device is expected to ship before September.
AllThingsD made no mention of a second forthcoming tablet. Last week, tech blog BGR reported that Amazon is planning to announce two new Kindle Fires as soon as next month: a 7-inch version called “Coyote” and a 10-inch “Hollywood” tablet. The Coyote, BGR says, has a dual-core processor just like the current Kindle Fire, while the Hollywood is said to pack a more powerful quad-core processor.


Whether it launches one tablet or two, Amazon is going to face some tough competition leading into the holidays. According to multiple credible outlets, Apple is planning to launch a 7-inch “iPad Mini” that could come within the price range of the $199 Kindle Fire.

Google’s 7-inch, $199 Nexus 7 has also already received rave reviews from the press — our own Christina Warren called it “the Android media tablet the Kindle Fire was supposed to be.”


Internet buzzes with news of Ghostbusters 3: New writer revealed

Who you gonna call if you’re Sony Pictures and you want to reboot the lucrative “Ghostbusters” franchise? How about “Men in Black 3″ scribe Etan Cohen, who has been tapped to rewrite “Ghostbusters 3″ for the studio.

Cohen previously wrote Ben Stiller’s “Tropic Thunder” and Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy.” He’s also attached to make his directorial debut with Paramount’s horror-comedy “Boy Scouts vs. Zombies,” which follows three high school Boy Scouts who must use their skills to save their small town from a vicious zombie outbreak. Cohen was the sole credited writer on “Men in Black 3,” which has grossed more than $600 million worldwide since opening at the end of May.


Geek This Week:


Aaron: Finally finished Clash of Kings. Gave up Facebook! Now exclusively on G+ and really enjoying it. Also learning that I am going to need to watch Dr. Who.

Gozer:  Upgrading my Macbook Pro to 16g of Ram. GB slot machine @ Revel Hotel & Casino


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Featured Segment:  Spec Ops: The Line


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