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The Geekcast #400 – New York Comic Con 2014 Coverage (Day 2)


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Aaron Crocco

Long Island, NY

Description: The Geekcast is a technology show hosted by all-around tech guy Aaron Crocco, featuring news, how-tos, hacks & more. Cohosted by gamer Gozer, The Geekcast is the best tech resource.

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The Geekcast #400 – New York Comic Con 2014 Coverage (Day 2)

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Our second of two episodes covering NYCC 2014. Today we speak to * who were all panelists for the Voltron 30th Anniversary celebration panel. In addition we’re delighted to also interview authors Cory Doctorow (In Real Life) and John Scalzi (Lock In).

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The Geekcast #399 – New York Comic Con 2014 Coverage (Day 1)

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We're back with our annual coverage of NYCC 2014. We have so many interviews that we had to split the podcast into two episodes! Today we speak to Brett Elston from Capcom, Zach Oat from Diamond Select Toys, and Hero Ventures founder Doug Schaer who's partnered with Marvel for their new Marvel Expe...

The Geekcast #398 – Somebody’s Got A Surprise

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Apple: First weekend iPhone 6 sales top 10 million, set new record


Smartphone users snapped up Apple's latest iteration of the iPhone in record numbers, the tech giant announced Monday, saying sales topped 10 million in three days...

The Geekcast #397 – You are my density…uhhh Destiny

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News is skipped this week


Geek This Week:  

Aaron: Broke out the Dreamcast! Played Bass Fishing and Crazy Taxi

Gozer: Destiny & GB2 Blu Ray


Feedback and items of Note:




The Geekcast #396 – Apple Watch Announcement Coverage

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iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus. All specs & pricing:

Apple Watch -

Apple Pay -

Retirement of the iPod Classic. Apple no longer sells any device with a click wheel.

iOS 8 On Wednesday...

The Geekcast #395 – Bad Time to be a Gamer

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iPhone 6 Rumors


Apple denies iCloud breach in celebrity nude photo hack


Apple says that the mass theft of nude celebrity photos that were released over the weekend did not occur because of a breach in any Apple systems, inc...

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