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This Week in Gaming 10/23/2014


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Gamer Girls Radio

Houston, Texas

Description: Gamer Girls Radio is the first gaming podcast in talk show format with a distinctly female perspective on the gaming industry. We are currently partnered with and are the voice definitive for the female gaming community at large...and a

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This Week in Gaming 10/23/2014

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More Gamers Gate talks, Felicia Day speaks, and more weekly gaming crazy. Raunchy, crazy and a train wreck, it's GGR's this week in gaming.   *Simulcast on Youtube with video- *

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GGRs This Week in Gaming

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Talks about Gamers Gate, HBO is about to GO Go GO away from Cable, and more!  I hear Gingir is passing out Candi Corns and Snow White is doing Zombie Make overs.

Technical difficulties, please find full show on youtube

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Pixinista 10-14-2014

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Your favorite pixelated fashionistas bringing you more of what's hot and and fashionable in the world of geek and gaming. 


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This Week In Gaming 10-9-2014

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If it's hot, juicy and scandalous and happened in the gaming industry, you can bet we're gonna talk about it. Loud, brash and all off key. It's this week in gaming, with GGR!


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Pixinista 10-7-2014

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Pixelated, bitchy and opininated, it's your favorite Pixinistas, back this week to show you what's hot and not in Geek and Nerd Fashion.


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GGRs This Week in Gaming 10/2/2014

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All the disgusting dirt, gossip and deliciously delicious scandals from this week in the gaming industry..brought to you LIVE!  *Simulcast on Youtube or watch the rebroadcast on youtube!*



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