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Description: GameAspect.Com provides video games news and reviews to players all around the world. We cover PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii also mobile games such as IOS and Android and mobile platforms like 3DS and PSP.

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GA’s GameCast 030

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GameAspect.Com’s GameCast – A Gaming Podcast – Episode 30 with Alex , James and Stephen

This week, on the GameCast. For our 30th week.  we talk about games that came out recently like Assassin’s Creed 3, Wreck It Ralph, WWE 13 and many more.  We take a look at the top grossing games for the week, er actually speculate on what they may be.  Charles informs us about Pokemon White / Black 2.   In The News, Disney owns all things Lucas, like starwars and Lucasarts!, Also according to Gogogic’s CEO Jonan Antonsson, Single player in games are simply a gimmick and nothing more.  Apparently the world yearns for multiplayer experiences.  Here’s a question, have you ever played any of Gogogic’s games?

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