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GBPC Ep. 26 – Getting Back to the Future


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GBPC Ep. 26 – Getting Back to the Future

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We’ve taken you through a tour of 2012 through the last few episodes, and now it’s time to get back to the future! In this episode, we use our supreme knowledge and unparalleled clairvoyance of the video game industry to predict the biggest twists and turns for video games in 2013! What do Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have in their plans? Only the most awesome stuff ever predicted! Hear it here, BEFORE you hear them announce it!  Plus, find out Mike’s reasonable and Greg’s outlandish expectations of games that are going to be announced or released in the upcoming months, all culminating at the very, very end with Mike’s bold prediction for the REAL Game of the Year for 2013! All that plus some devilishly most interesting games in the world this week!

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Most Interesting Games in the World… this week: Persona 4 Arena


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