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GBPC Ep. 24 – 2012 in Review


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Game-Boat Podcast

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GBPC Ep. 24 – 2012 in Review

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The year in gaming that was 2012 is coming to an end, and we recap the big stories and themes in the games industry on the new Game-Boat Podcast! We look back at the year that was, reviewing the 2 new consoles that launched, which publisher soared high and which fell flat and the trendy new funding platform that rose to prominence. Plus, we address the rise of  the tiny, indie game and perhaps the fall of the AAA, big-budget behemoths in the past year. Plus, some of our most interesting games in the world yet… this week.

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Most Interesting Games in the World this week: DJ Max: Technika Tune

PS Vita Struggle in Sales

Enjoy Capcom-Unity

Kickstarter rings success for Ouya

THQ meet financial troubles


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