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GBPC Ep. 21 – What the Hell is Happening to My Games Industry?


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GBPC Ep. 21 – What the Hell is Happening to My Games Industry?

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Strange things are afoot on the new Game-Boat Podcast. Assassin’s Creed III has arrived, and Mike and Greg give their initial impressions. Impressions that defy expectations, but perhaps not in the way you would anticipate. Also, October’s NPD numbers have been released, and they leave us scratching our heads about the state of gaming. Also, Microsoft promotes Halo addiction, GTA V steals our attention and Mike reveals his new most anticipated game of all time, which may or may not involve cats. Plus, things get double interesting this week on the Playstation Vita!


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Most Interesting Games in the World This Week: Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

The NPD Top Ten for October

Grand Theft Auto V Details Revealed

Team Meat reveals Mew-Genics!

Microsoft Rewards Halo Addiction


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