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Game-Boat Show #61 – Hype Beyond Hype – Evo 2014


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Game-Boat Show #61 – Hype Beyond Hype – Evo 2014

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What happens when Street Fighter and Elvis collide in a fiery hellstorm of unquenchable excitement?! Evo 2014 is what happens! Greg Harkins returns from the biggest fighting game tournament of the year and brings us his tales of infinite hype! He talks about some of his favorite moments of the show, along with what goes down at Evo beyond what’s captured on camera. What games were tucked away that didn’t make the livestream? What upcoming titles were being showcased? Why should you ALWAYS make the effort to attend live events? Listen and find out, plus Mike analyzes why Shovel Knight is such a modern classic and blast from.

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Game Boat Show #60 – Lowered Expectations

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When we get halfway through the year, we always like to look back over the game releases so far and try to predict what some of our favorites are going to be at the end of the year. However, 2014 has proven to be a year with very few favorites. Yes, the new systems seem to have cause a draught in gr...

Game-Boat Show #59-2 – E3 2014 Pt. 2 – Drowning in the Splatoon

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In part 2 of our E3 Coverage Show, we follow some of the most important 3rd party games and peek into the walled garden that is Nintendo. How many games did EA fail to actually show off? Did Ubisoft wow us for a big surprise for a third year in a row? Why does the Witcher 3 fill our drdeams at night...

Game-Boat Show #59 – E3 2014 Pt. 1 – The Passion of the Tuggle

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We're now Episode_59one year removed from the momentous E3 2013, where both Xbox One and Playstation 4 made some strong early promises on what was to come in this new generation of video games. In part one of our extended E3 2014 episode, round two begins between these two video game titans! Could f...

Game-Boat Show #58 – Gearing Up for E3

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We're under a week from E3 2014, and dear sweet Jesus, it couldn't have come fast enough. The releases have slowed, the real gaming news has gone silent and the entire gaming world waits impatiently for the biggest gaming preview event of the year. Of course, you'd all like to know ahead of time wha...

Game-Boat Show #57 – PAX East 2014

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Yet another PAX has come, and another PAX has passed! Mike and Greg have returned from Boston changed men, having taken in the sights and sounds and madness that was PAX East 2014. PAX is a different beast now, while the previous goal of PAX was always to do everything, the goal now is to just do th...

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