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Game-Boat Show #64 – “Salmons Are Big!” w/ Brian Motter


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Game-Boat Show #64 – “Salmons Are Big!” w/ Brian Motter

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We are joined this week by Brian Motter, founder and CEO of Black Slither Games. Black Slither makes easy-to-play, easy-to-understand, hilarious card and table games, and we try out a few different games live on the air. We ask Brian about the origins and ideas behind his games, and get into what it’s really like to bring your ideas and talents to Kickstarter! Plus, we run him through the premiere of the Game-Boat Five, five questions designed to not only peer into you as a gamer, but into your very soul! Hippies battle Bears and we become metal gods on one of the funniest Game-Boat Shows yet!

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Most Interesting Games in the World this Week: P.T.



And finally… this is Road Blaster (Road Avenger).

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