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TGP #87 – Freeze Alarm – Multi-Meters – Wire Strippers


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The Gadget Professor

Don Baine


Description: Gadget Professor Don Baine shows you the latest Gadgets each week

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TGP #87 – Freeze Alarm – Multi-Meters – Wire Strippers

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Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #87 hosted by Don Baine and produced by Mike Baine.

This week we review three practical gadgets. Ever worry about your pipes freezing when your away from your home – enter the freeze alarm!
Test Signal. Sends voicemail alert when indoor temperature drops below 45 degrees
Runs off a 9-volt battery for a full season
Works with touch-tone telephone lines only
Continuously calls every 15 minutes or 2 hours
Nothing to install and no tools required

We also show you some very handy electrical gadgets you will want in your home – Multi-Meter and a wire stripper – What type to buy – what to avoid.

Plus our regular feature – free and very useful apps and software to help make your day more enjoyable.

Sit back and relax while you watch The Gadget Professor.

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