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Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 26: PureDarkness (and not Drazial) for Eurogamer Expo


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Front Towards Gamer Radio

Shanghai Six

Washington DC

Description: Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga, relentlessly stalks various gaming luminaries across the Interwebs for interviews…

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Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 26: PureDarkness (and not Drazial) for Eurogamer Expo

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Shanghai Six sits down with forum member and UK field correspondent PureDarkness and gets his impressions about his weekend at Earls Court with the Eurogamer Expo.  The two talk about impressions of all the titles Pure played, talked about some of the folks he ran into, and why it’s absolutely important to stay in school, kids!

No intro or outro with Nico this week as he was busy “making the sexy time” this weekend; congratulate Nicodumas and Mellycat on one year of happily married gaming bliss, where for their “stay-cation” anniversary, they most locked themselves in their house and played BlazBlue all weekend.  I am totally jealous.

100% sorry for the delay in getting this show out this week; we’re fielding a brand new audio editor, and if this podcast is any indication, it looks like we may have a new audio editor on our hands, forum member DingleDoDie77!  I’ve been wanting to bring him onto staff for some time given his dedication in the forums and all the work he put into coordinating our efforts at the Eurogamer Expo this year, but he was always telling me that he can’t write.  Well, apparently he can do podcast editing, and as any site with a podcast will tell you, that is a thankless and time-ass-consuming job.

That being said, feel free to trash his editing of the show in this week’s show comments if you hear the slightest audio hiccup!

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Hosts: Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga (@ShanghaiSix)
Guest: PureDarkness (@PureDarknesss) (yes, that’s three “s”)

Intro Music: “Bulls of Parade” (chiptune) by Dakota Clark
Music Bed from:
Outtro Music: 8-bit “Cum On Feel the Noize” by Thundercowthingy (Youtube)

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