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Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 25: Chris Antista, Games Radar


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Front Towards Gamer Radio

Shanghai Six

Washington DC

Description: Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga, relentlessly stalks various gaming luminaries across the Interwebs for interviews…

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Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 25: Chris Antista, Games Radar

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Shanghai Six would like to apologize to the Games Radar folks who have come here to hear an interview with the legendary host of Talk Radar, Mr. “Norwegian King of Names” himself, Chris Antista.  Apparently, Chris’ journalism gene kicked in somewhere and he started interviewing Shanghai instead.  The boys talk about what five years of not flossing will do for you, discuss Playboy’s “Gamer Next Door” epic adventures with Task Force Blue, and what it’s like to be at the top of the gaming website heap.

As for intro/outro this week, Nico and Shanghai continue heaping the mad love on Halo: Reach and chat about the great time we all had in the Reach gamernight with The Married Gamers, and how the “Gover-nator” is attempting to steal your video game freedoms in Cal-ee-forn-ee-yah.  Waaaaagh!

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Hosts: Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga (@Nico_FTG)
Guest: Chris “Smells Like Pizza” Antista (@CAntista),

Video Game Voters Network:
Intro Music: “Bulls of Parade” (chiptune) by Dakota Clark
Interview Segment: Monty Python’s Flying Circus – “Silly Job Interview”
Post Interview Segment Music:  ”Another Winter” by Anamanaguchi
Community Segment Music: “Fansong” by Dethklok

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