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Flight Centre Learn A Language Series - Top Spanish Phrases For Travel


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Flight Centre Learn A Language Series - Top Spanish Phrases For Travel

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In our never ending quest to deliver you cool and valuable tools that will help on your travels and vacations, we are super excited bring you the new earworms Musical Brain Trainer to bring you free tutorial podcasts on the phrases you need to know before you arrive at your destination.

We‚??ve all experienced that one song that gets stuck in our head no matter how hard we try to forget‚?¶ well that‚??s an earworm. earworms mbt Rapid Languages courses puts the words and phrases deep into your long-term memory by mixing specially composed melodies with rhythmic repetition. And the best part about learning this way is you get to just sit back, relax, and groove along to the catchy melodies.

So what language should we start with? Since we‚??re passionate about travel why not start with one of the most passionate languages there is - Spanish. In this tutorial we have put together phrases that will take you from the airport, get you checked into your hotel, and have you relaxing with a beer or glass of wine.

Like the tutorial? Want more? Well that‚??s why we‚??ve worked out a deal with earworms to get you 20% off all courses in their library. Simply visit earworms and enter the code ‚??Flight‚?? and you are learning languages you previously wished you knew. Whether you are using the tutorial or the full course you can download the accompanying booklet for the course.

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