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Week #10: We're Celebrating National Women's Health Week - May 10,2011

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National Womens Health Week - Its Your Time! This weeklong observance focuses on helping women to get more exercise, eat better, avoid risky behaviors and in general just live healthier. I will have as my special guest, Director of the Office on Womens Health, Dr. Nancy Lee. She will share with us...

Save your life! Prevent Stroke - May 03,2011

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May is Stroke Awareness Month. On Fit4Life Radio, we are dedicating the entire month to stroke awareness, prevention and treatment. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Todays show covers what stroke really is and why you should be concerned, especially if you are Africa...

Alvin's Story of Stroke Survival - Mar 22,2011

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This is such a special show and near and dear to my heart. My husband of almost 17 years suffered a stroke on January 17, 2011. He survived and is recovering at great speed. He is coming on the show to share is experience. Please join us as we talk about stroke, how to prevent it, how to look out fo...

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