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10 Tips to Get Back on Track after Thanksgiving - Nov 29,2011

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Did you eat too much, not rest enough or over indulge just a tad? Now, youre ready to get back on track, right? Dont worry, Im here to help you get things back together after that major eating holiday. Tune in to learn my 10 tips to help you get back on track AFTER Thanksgiving...

No More Excuses for Weight Gain - Nov 30,2010

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OK, the buck stops here! It's time to stop allowing "overeating," "the holidays" and stress cause you to gain weight. We are continuing the "losing season" on today's show. Tune in to find out how to fight back against all the issues that cause you to gain weight and let's get on the FitTrack and LO...

Getting Back on Track - Dec 01,2009

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Thanksgiving is over, but are you still suffering? Did you eat just a little too much? Fell off the wagon? Don't worry, I will give you plenty of info to help you get back on track with your weight loss and weight management journey...

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