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Aetheryte Radio 63: Through the RNGstrom


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Aetheryte Radio 63: Through the RNGstrom

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Tune in this week as the Aetheryte Radio crew talk about their hands-on impressions of Patch 2.2 Through the Maelstrom!

Make sure to check out these articles mentioned on the show:

  • Two Things To Make Sure You Unlock In Patch 2.2
  • Eorzea’s Voice: Where’s Atma?
  • The Greater Problem Behind Trials Of The Braves

Last 5 Posts

Lorecast 2: The Autumn War And Going Into The Maelstrom

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We're back with with another installment of Lorecast from Aetheryte Radio!

Tune in as Fusionx and Anwyll discuss the Autumn War and the creation of gil as well as get you caught up on everything there is to know about the content we'll see in Patch 2.2!...

Aetheryte Radio 62: Through The Bearstrom Orpples

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Tune in this week as the Aetheryte Radio crew talk about all of the exciting new changes coming in Patch 2.2 later this week!

We also go through our Bragging Rights comments and see how you're preparing for the upcoming Maelstrom!...

Aetheryte Radio 61: Fight Club Parsing

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Xenedra and Brin are here to bring you the latest episode of Aetheryte Radio because Fusion's awesome computer upgrade... wouldn't record his mic!

We talk about our recent interview with Naoki Yoshida and the two contests that we have going on right now that let you win an "I Beat Titan" t-shirt or...

Aetheryte Radio 60: Dalamundology

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Aetheryte Radio is here with episode 60!

Tune in as Fusionx and Brin talk about Patch 2.15, parsers, and the boat load of goodies discussed in the most recent live letter!

Also, join the discussion on our forums where we try to guess the name of the next type of Allagan tomestone that will be availa...

Lorecast 1: Concerning Primals, Summons and Deities

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Today we're excited to announce Lorecast from Aetheryte Radio!

Lorecast will be accompanying future entries of our Lore Train and Lore Crafting columns as our resident lore experts discuss the contents of the articles and everything surrounding their facts and theories...

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