Feast of Fun : Gay Talk Show

FOF #1563 – Muscle Building Myths – 04.13.12


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Feast of Fun : Gay Talk Show

Fausto Fernós & Marc Felion

Chicago, IL

Description: A delicious mix of interviews, news and trends with a spicy gay twist.

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FOF #1563 – Muscle Building Myths – 04.13.12

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Bodybuilder Layne Norton from Simplyshredded.com and Bodybuilding.com, two of our favorite fitness sites.

When it comes to getting in shape and building muscle, there’s a wide variety of ideas and bro-science fighting for your attention. Finding out how to get in shape can sometimes feel like you’re at a Mexican flea market, overwhelmed by piñatas, jumping beans, crying children and colored baby chicks.

Today we’re busting some popular myths on putting on size and getting that muscular body you see in the magazines- Eating late at night, how much protein is enough, the impact of pre-workout energy drinks and what your sore muscles are telling you, if you’re willing to listen.

Join us for this and all the hot news:

Rena Riffel is singlehandedly keeping the Showgirls franchise alive.

Will Phi Phi O’Hara escape the negativityof being portrayed as the world’s most hated drag queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Betty White and George Takei flirt with the idea of starting a sitcom, calling it “Friends with Government Benefits.”

A class action lawsuit against AT&T is filed for helping thieves steal iPhones.

“SHOWGIRLS 2: Penny’s From Heaven” starring Rena Riffel is now available for download.

Lady Gaga gets into hot water for poking fun of her own eating disorder on Twitter.

And Ike and Mike of candy fame are getting a divorce.

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