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Interview 27 – Mark Kalmes, part 2


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Fear the Boot

Dan Repperger

St. Louis, MO

Description: An irreverent look at tabletop roleplaying games and a little bit more.

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Interview 27 – Mark Kalmes, part 2

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You can find a transcript of this show here!

* (0:20) John’s Bloodmoon Goblins Pathfinder supplement is now available for sale as a PDF, with print soon to follow.

* (2:22) The  ecology and agenda of monsters in Pathfinder Online.

* (3:42) The nature of existing (and eventually expanded) “theme park” content as opposed to the “sandbox” content.

* (6:08) The reason we need to ask hard questions about this MMO.

* (8:06) Does the gaming world really need another fantasy MMO?  The historical context for Pathfinder Online’s creation.

* (16:29) The cash model for the game.  The points at which it will likely be subscription-based versus “freemium” or completely free-to-play.

* (18:02) Given the market climate — and Paizo’s obvious claim to fame — why not focus the resources into a high-end virtual tabletop instead of an MMO?

* (19:26) The graphical enhancements planned between the tech demo and actual game.

* (21:15) The purpose of the second Kickstarter, particularly in light of investor funding.

* (31:53) How is player feedback going to be gathered and used to alter the game world during the design process?  How is Paizo involved in the game’s development?

* (35:52) Balancing the influence of project backers when comparing the number of people on one side against the depth of pocketbooks on the other.

* (37:27) How Goblinworks is defining the game’s “beta” and why there’s a subscription attached to it.  Whether there’s intended to be any character-resource resets or similar setbacks during the beta.

* (45:58) Mark’s interest in seeing large-scale combat look more like authentic, Medieval warfare.

* (48:45) A round-up of the relevant links.  You can checkout the up for voting over here.

Hosts: Dan, Johann, John, Pat

Guests: Mark Kalmes

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