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Episode 217 – Astronomy and Emu


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Faith, Fern and Compass

Alison Leigh Lilly and Jeff Lilly

Seattle, WA

Description: Nature Spirituality in the Digital Age

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Episode 217 – Astronomy and Emu

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In Episode 217 – Astronomy and Emu, we try very hard not to talk about the election and its aftermath, instead exploring the fascinating subject of ethnoastronomy. We delve into some of the unique relationships human cultures have had with the stars throughout history, including a look at the Mescalero Apache and the Australian Aborigines. In our Pro Extension, we turn from astronomy to astrology for an in-depth analysis of President Obama’s birth chart and what it says about his presidency, and a brief look at how Pluto influences the attitudes of whole generations — that is, until the Mercury Retrograde gets the best of us and crashes our equipment!

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  • Ethnoastronomy
  • Constellations of the Australian Aborigines
  • The Emu in the Sky
  • , by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechen
Pro Extension Links:
  • “Barack Obama: Am Astrological Reading“, by Jeff Lilly
  • Panel of astrologers predicts Obama victory
  • Pluto no longer a planet? What are the implications for astrology?
  • The Birth of the Outer Planets: The Discovery of Pluto
Music Credits:
  • Opening and closing theme: “Dragonfly” by Brian Boyko
Art Credits:
  • “Darren Kirby

CC BY-NC-SA License.

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