Fresh Air is Over-Rated: The VIDEO Podcast

Fresh Air is Over-Rated: The VIDEO Podcast

Description: A weekly video game podcast that airs every Tuesdays @ 9pm ET on Join the hosts Wildmatt and Kurbzz as they talk about the current happenings in gaming. The games they've been playing, occasionally review them and has some segments. Mos

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Episode #170 - 10 Levels Of Awesome

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Wildmatt is joined this week by Techcore to discuss crazy prison rules, FBI warrants & more. Stiner later jumped in to do the Top 10 levels of all time...

Episode #169 - Xbox Infinity?

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Wildmatt and Stiner discuss the next-Xbox event scheduled for May 21st, some gruesome child crimes "linked" to gaming, false advertising for Aliens: Colonial Marines and much more!...

Episode #168 - Disappointments

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Wildmatt is out of town, so Stiner stepped in not only to co-host, but also produce the show. This marks the first time in our 168+ episode history that Matt isn't switching to videos, playing songs and playing with sliders. On this episode we discuss the Link to the Past sequel, more THQ sales, Seg...

Episode #167 - Underrated-ness

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This was literally the slowest news week ever. So we decided to stuff it with other stuff such as the top 10 underrated games and we each snuck a round of Battlefield 3 in...

Episode #166 - Overrated-ness

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Wildmatt and Kurbzz are back after a week break and they had a great show for you. Metal Gear Solid V is official, Battlefield 4 got revealed, LucasArts shut-down, WIldmatt gave you his top 10 overrated games & much more got packed in this episode...

Episode #165 - Post-PAX Blues

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Wildmatt is all alone and sad on this week's episode. All kidding aside, he managed to pull off an alright show talking about more PAX East 2013 stuff, Battlefield 4 and giveaways for LoL!...

Episode #164 - PAX Mac

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Techcore, Mac, iXeres and Wildmatt give you their thoughts on PAX East 2013 after the first 2 days are done. Some keywords include good games, bagpipes, dancing, marching band, breast milk and more...

Episode #163 - Glitchiness

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On this week's show we talk about Gears of War: Judgment, Battlefield 3: End Game, John Riccitiello's and EA's woes plus we have a God of War: Ascension semi-review...

Episode #162 - Wacky Inflatable

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This week's show featured one of the slowest, if not THE slowest news week in FAIOR history. We forged ahead however discussing the new releases, games we're playing, top 10 racing games and the best cosplay we've ever featured...

Episode #161 - Willem Dafoe

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On this week's show we talked about Jason West's departure from Respawn Entertainment, Willem Dafoe's roles in many things including Beyond: Two Souls and the plethora of new releases. We also brought back the Top 10 with our best and worst launch games of all-time...

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