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Paleo Diet Myths


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Paleo Diet Myths

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The Paleo Diet has become one of the most popular diets and it is based off of eating "caveman-like" food. It is said that the Paleo Diet will reduce chronic disease, optimize your health, and help you lose weight. Although there are good things to be taken away from following this diet, there are some flaws with it as well. Watch the video to learn more about the myths of the Paleo Diet from Dr. Joe Kepo'o and Dave Sherwin and to learn what we can take away from it.

Dr. Joe Kepo'o, DC received his Doctorate of Chiropractic and is certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics. His specialty is the sensitive and energetic interaction he has with his patients. His unique ability to read the body's own energetic communication is a skill he has mastered and uses to help patients learn and facilitate what needs to be addressed during the treatment process. He enjoys instructing others in the ways of alternative medicine and holistic wellness

Dave Sherwin is a wellness expert, entrepreneur, and life hacker. He has used research and science to obtain great fitness in his own life, allowing him to compete at a high level athletically even in his 40's. At the age of 47 he qualified and competed in the Olympic Distance National Championships in Vermont, and finished in the top 25% of all competitors. He is a top 10 finisher in most running races and triathlons he enters, and has completed many 5K's, 10K's, half marathons and marathon distance races. He is an avid student, and has read literally hundreds of books on nutrition and exercise, and enjoys passing on this knowledge to his customers and friends.

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