Episode 29: D’Wayne Edwards


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Josh Mings & Adam OHern

Description: CAD, Design and Technology

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Episode 29: D’Wayne Edwards

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This week we’ll talk with footwear design legend D’Wayne Edwards of Nike Brand Jordan fame. D’Wayne designed his first shoe at age 11 and is still bustin’ out jaguar-inspired basketball kicks for NBA greats. Today he is focused on creating a better design education system through his side-project Pensole Footwear Design Academy.

We’ll be talking with D’Wayne about:

  • What 3D printing means to footwear manufacturing
  • Perpectives on today’s design education system
  • What it’s like to design a shoe for basketball great Carmelo Anthony

The News:

Our very special guest D’Wayne Edwards is hosting his footwear academy this Spring. Interested in giving your footwear portfolio a facelift? How about learning the ins and outs of working under a corporate design house? Find out how you can register and more at

If you’ve ever wanted to print your own playsets, well, the time has come. frankly, I’m surprised this is one of the first. MakerBot Fairytale Castle Playset right now. Don’t worry boy, there’s also a rocket playset, but I’m pretty sure a bunch of little girls just got really interested in 3D printing.

The Hong Kong Fashion show kicked off with the 12th annual footwear design competition. There were some absolutely insane designs. Sky-high heels with a deck of card motif, boat shoes shaped… like a boat and some slick wooden platforms with a laser-cut leather overlay that Josh would look simply dazzling in.

Tech has taken another big leap with researchers at IBM demonstrating the first atomic-scale magnetic memory where they have successfully shown that a single bit of information can be stored in as few as 12 magnetic atoms as opposed to currently available hard-disk drives, which use about one million atoms to store a single bit of information.

CAD on the iOS and Android? Next summer it will be possible. Russian software developer Geometros will launch the first native cad engine for the devices.

Tech Soft 3D, the company that creates the HOOPS visualization technology, used in many CAD programs, is making bank with revenue up 40%.

Apple has release iBooks 2 and with it the ability for authors/publishers to get their books out to the iPad masses, granted you price the book under 14.99 and give a 30% cut to Apple.

And, if you love to see things made and sound of work, check out the Alfred Dunhill traditional case-making video.

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