Episode 28: Sky Greenawalt


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Josh Mings & Adam OHern

Description: CAD, Design and Technology

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Episode 28: Sky Greenawalt

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This week we’ll talk with maker, baker and CNC rump shaka, our very special guest, Sky Greenawalt of School Street Design Company, specializing in custom composite tooling and fabrication for experimental aircraft, AND writes about it at his blog

We’ll be talking with Sky about:

  • composites fabrication for custom and experimental aircraft
  • reverse engineering guitar necks
  • why composites manufacturing is like baking

The News:

Well, we’ve just been hit with CES, the consumer electronics show. Plenty of cool make related tech to look forward to and much that isn’t too far off.

First, we’ve got and the Cube 3D printer from 3D Systems. This is excellent folks, not only is is a 3D print service and community, they also have a desktop 3D printer you and your kids can use at home. The cube rings in at $1299, has a 5.5” cubed build area and cartridges start at $50 bucks a pop. check it out at So cool, I’m certainly getting one.

Oh boy. Micrsoft has announced that Kinect is coming to Windows. Now, if you’re not familiar with this, Kinect is an device that allows you to interact with software using your hands or just about anything you like. It came out for the Xbox and has seen countless hacks. Now it’s coming to the PC February 1st, has and open sdk and if you’ve ever thought mouse-free interaction with your cad model was ever going to happen, I imagine we’ll be seeing that very soon.

Now, you know Geomagic software allows you to bring in scanned data and fix it for your cad software import, but what happens after that? Well, SpaceClaim and Geomagic have just announced a direct link to SpacecClaim from Geomagic. Now you can make a shiny B-rep via Geomagic and bring it into SpaceClaim to tweak away, which spells out one quick and easy process for dealing with that 3D data dump.

How has making things changed over the years? How are more people creating than ever before? Those are just a couple of the questions being asked by PressPausePlay, a documentary film from the House of Radon that takes a look a the digital revolution that has been unleashed upon us over the last decade. They intereview some of the most prolific creators and show a lot of process along the way. Definitely one to watch. See it at

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